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What is Reiki?

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

Ever wondered what #Reiki is really all about?

Reiki is not mind-control! I know a lot of us grew up hoping it was – and that if we knew Reiki (which I did) we could influence our teachers, and receive high marks! Alas, that never happened L – coz, that isn’t what Reiki is about.

What Reiki is, is a cosmic energy, which flows from our Crown Chakra through our hands to sooth and heal the recipient.

There are numerous practices of holistic methods  of healing using  universal energy to heal and rebalance the life force energy eg.-Yoga,  Chi kung,  Pranic, Reiki etc.

Of all these practices Reiki is the only practice where no formal training and practice is required.  With an attunement by a Reiki Master, and a demonstration of how to use it, one is ready to start. Reiki is a method of hands-on healing, with the advanced practitioner being able to transcend space and time and do distance healing to someone who is in a different location, or give Reiki to a past or future event.

The beauty of the Reiki method of healing is that it is an intelligent energy, there is no wrong way. And you cannot misuse it or harm anyone. 
In fact, you can give Reiki, but it is up to the higher self of the recipient to decide whether they wish to receive Reiki’s healing energy or not.

There are no Do’s & Don’ts in Reiki, except for what is common sense. Don’t give Reiki when you are tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol/ drugs.

Reiki is not affiliated to any religion or ethnic group. There are no rituals or conditions attached to the practice of Reiki.  There are no tools required.

Reiki can also be used for healing the aura, chakras, physical, mental, and emotional problems. It works on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit. It brings one back into a state of Harmony and Balance.

The word Reiki means universal Life energy. ‘Rei’ describes the universal limitless aspect of this energy. And  ‘Ki’ the vital life force energy which flows through all living beings.  Even if at this point you don’t understand how it works and the reasons for its effectiveness, open yourself up to the experience and try out a Healing session and experience it for yourself.

The best example of this, is a mother’s loving hand on a child’s back, harnessing the universal energy and soothing the child. It is worth noting, it is not the hand which the child recognizes, but the energy that the child reacts to.

Reiki is a wonderful path for self-discovery and development of the personality.

You can give Reiki to yourself and others, to Life events, meetings, exams, to objects – your books, car, phone etc. To animals, plants and even invoke Reiki while cooking food for your family.

Reiki is a way of Life.

Have you experienced the power of Reiki healing?

This article first appeared as a guest post over at Novermberschild.com.

Blessed Be!
I am a Reiki Healer & Master – I offer both, Healings and Initiation into the various levels of Reiki Healing. Contact me to know more.

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