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The Secret Life of Fat - Anti Obesity

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The Secret Life of Fat!

Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

Today, the 26th of November is Anti – Obesity Day – A day when Health Organizations & Media (especially in India & the Gulf) focus on Obesity and the Health hazard it poses.


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You would probably agree with me, that one moment you are fit and fine, and the next slightly overweight, and before you realize it, there is a gap of many kilos between you and your ideal weight! and for many of us, we don’t cross, but rather sail across into the Obese category!

The Anti Obesity started in India in 2001 when VLCC took the initiative of creating awareness about the dangers and ill-effects of Obesity. 2012 saw the involvement of the United Nations’ World Food Programme with VLCC to further create and spread and awareness about this.

“The WHO states that at least 2.8 million adults die every year on account of being overweight or obese. In addition, 44% of diabetes cases, 23% of ischaemic heart diseases and 7-41% of certain instances of cancer are attributable to overweight and obesity.”
– Source: wikipedia.org

“One in five Indians is either overweight or obese”
– Source: Hindustantimes

The above statistics were quite alarming! and as I contemplate creating a new year’s resolution around getting Healthy and Losing Weight, it was very important to get a perspective into :

  1. All the hoopla which surrounds Obesity
  2. Get my facts sorted from myths, and,
  3. Understand the Truth about Fat and How best to Get started on my journey to get healthy.


This brought me to the book: THE SECRET LIFE OF FAT by Sylvia Tara, Ph.D 

Published by: Aleph Book Company 
Available in Paperback and kindle version on Amazon.in 

On Goodreads here, and author page here.
This book was an eye-opener for me! and it completely toppled by (mis) understanding about FAT!

I am honestly also grateful to find an authoritative book which explains the nature of Fat, and how it differs in men and women and differs with age.

The important distinction that fat can ( and does) behave differently in each person! and most importantly, this book taught me that FAT isn’t BAD, it is not a curse, but an essential organ (gasp! an organ!) for a healthy and long life!


FAT isn't bad, it is not a curse, but an essential organ for a healthy and long life! #isheeria Click To Tweet


This book is written in an easy to understand style (including the scientist/doctor’s perspectives without getting heavy on the science) and explains the different aspects and concepts of fat and its role and behavior through the real-life stories of people experiencing fat/obesity and those treating it.

The peek into the years of hard work and research which is being done into this subject is quite mind-blowing, and I hadn’t realized until I picked up this book that Fat does indeed have a life of its own!

The Author continues to share her knowledge through her website: www.thesecretlifeoffat.com


The Secret Life of Fat #isheeria


The book begins with the realization that, when it comes to fat, we are all not created equally. And by the end of the book, many of our questions are answered, many diets better understand, and many a myth cleared with practical ideas (example: ways to kick our body into losing fat, irrespective of our genes).
Actually, the chapter on genes (in obesity) was quite an eye-opener and quite reassuring.

 Another gem from the book –

“Women experience greater appetite stimulation and more efficient fat storage” … which means, that women naturally tend to eat more after working out (phew! I knew it wasn’t just me!), and the food will turn to fat more quickly!” – but, then, like everything in this book, if there is even a single benefit or advantage, the author will point it out – and in this case, it is that this efficient fat storage, the partitioning keeps the lipids in the blow low, so the cardiovascular risk factors for high blood lipids are lower!

Some of my biggest takeaways from this book are:

  1. FAT is not all bad – It has its place, like every other organ
  2. Each of us needs to find a weight control strategy acceptable for our life and body
  3. Set a realistic goal – based on your own body type
  4. As Fat can talk, it can listen too!
  5. A more practical understanding of Fat
  6. Some concrete steps which I can take starting today to help myself get Healthy.


P.S.: I absolutely adored the quality of the paper and binding in the paperback & the lovely turquoise color of the cover! Recommend this book to anyone wanting a clear and powerful understanding of Fat!


Thanks to the wonderful women bloggers in the #womenbloggerswb group, I also found these very helpful articles (do check them out)

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The Secret Life of Fat - Anti Obesity


Did you know?

Did you know that practicing Mudras regularly can also help you lose weight!

Try the Surya Mudra to lose abdominal fat and relieve digestion problems.

The Surya Mudra is done by placing the thumb on the ring finger (see image below) and applying pressure. The Mudra needs to be ideally done for a total of 45 minutes, which may be divided into 3 parts of 15 minutes each of holding the mudra.



Do you have any tips and advice for me as I get ready to start my own Fat-Loss Journey in 2018? Do share your own experience with me in the comments below.

Wishing you Health & Happiness!

Blessed Be!


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