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Self Love #WhatILove

“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place”


whatilove self love isheeria


We live in times where we need phone notifications to remind us that we need to drink water!

We live such busy lives, that it feels like we shall have to be born again (!) just to complete our To-Do Lists!

We are so busy being everything that everyone needs us to be! that we forget to just be!!!


This year I urge you to take out that 10 minutes of ‘ME-Time‘, of making yourself a priority and for taking those 3 steps every day to love yourself and be love and do what you love!


Self Love is in its simplest explanation = when you have regard for your self & your happiness, when you accept and have compassion for yourself.


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I have found that the following ways /steps have been very helpful for me to connect with myself and love myself and manifest happiness:

  1. Practice Self – Kindness –Treating yourself kindly (rather than being judgemental or harsh), and extending the same love, understanding and support you would to a friend in a similar situation.
  2. Be Mindful & Practice Positive Self Talk  –

    Be aware of your own feeling and thoughts. Encourage yourself, be your own cheerleader! 
  3. Practice Self – Care – 
    • Enough Sleep – 7-8 hours is recommended & sometimes when I feel like it, I lie-in and sleep a bit more or take an afternoon nap! I have found that a well-rested mind and body make for a happier and more productive ME. 
    • Drink Enough Water – 10 glasses is recommended, but you should drink more if you feel thirsty – I have found nothing can replace water and there is no share in drinking more if you feel thirsty! 
    • NO DIET!!!! – I am over-weight, but this year, I have made a more conscious decision (thanks to spending those 10 mins of ‘ME-time’) to change my lifestyle rather than follow any diet or fad!
  4. Say No –

    Whether it is people, tasks or things – anything or anyone who brings you down or takes you away from your happiness and success, needs to be removed from your life. There isn’t time in your life to waste on people and things which don’t add value of happiness and joy to your life.
  5. Gratitude  –

    The Power of Gratitude is something we have all heard of, but how many of us are trying it out? Try it out! Daily or Weekly – whichever works for your schedule and see how it makes you feel.
  6. Live Intentionally – 
    When you live with intention and a design for your life, each day will have a purpose and you will accept and love yourself more. Each day you will take actions and decisions which are consistent with living the life you love!

How do you define self love? How do you do #whatILove? Share your tips with me, and let me know if any of my tips resonated with you?


This blog is a link up with Zainab for #WhatILove



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