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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circle’s Readers,

On 26th or 27th February (depending upon where you are), we will have the second eclipse of the year, and the first Solar eclipse at 5:41 pm IST till 11:05 pm IST with it’s peak time being 8:33 pm IST.

The Eclipse will be visible in most of South America, South and West of Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean.
According to Vedic Astrology, the Eclipse will be at 14 degrees in Aquarius.

This is a 3 part detailed write up covering the following information for you –  

Part 1 – An Introduction & About THIS Solar Eclipse

Part 2 –  Do’s & Don’ts During the Eclipse

Part 3 – A General Reading for You – This Solar Eclipse & it’s impact on you.



Part 1

Solar Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and the Earth are in a straight line and the Moon eclipses the view of the Sun from the Earth.

Eclipses are an Astrological event which herald unexpected major changes and pushes one towards boundaries and helps one to re-assess and grow.

The effect of the Solar Eclipse lasts for as many days, weeks or months as the duration of the hours of the Eclipse. It’s impact is felt much more (powerfully) where it is visible.

Another factor to take into account is with it’s reference to your Natal horoscope.
if the Eclipses occurs on the position or opposition of any of your natal planets or your Ascendant, then it is bound to have a major impact on your life.

The Eclipse of 26th February 2017 is an Annular Solar Eclipse in a Fixed, Air Sign indicating major political disturbances and upheavals, natural calamities, bloodshed, war-like situations.
Because of the involvement of Ketu (South node) one cannot foresee any good – There will be revolts, accidents, deaths, losses and natural calamities. Sickness, destruction of livestock and disputes.

How this will impact you individually, depends upon your personal natal horoscope.

This solar Eclipse of 26th February has a rare combination of planets. It has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ketu (South node), and Neptune all together in Aquarius in very close degrees.
They are in the house of Saturn, in the Nakshatra  (Lunar mansion) of Rahu (North node), and they are aspected by Saturn who is in conjunct with Pluto.

Saturn and Rahu are in Fire Signs in the Nakshatra of Ketu (South node).

Then we have another cluster of Planets – Mars, Uranus and Venus in Pisces in direct opposition to Jupiter (R) in Virgo.

The 2 benefic planets which could have eased the situation somewhat are Venus and Jupiter. But, Venus although exalted is slowing down to become retrograde and is conjunct Mars and Uranus.  Jupiter is already retrograde and aspected in close degrees by Mars and Uranus and is also aspected by Saturn. Hence, both the planets will not prove to be of much help.

The combination of planets in Aquarius – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ketu and Neptune make for a very emotional, volatile combination where the focus will be on change and what you need to let go of. It is a time of new beginnings (the involvement of a New Moon), Ketu making you more emotional and sensitive, Mercury making you think more, and bring it out; and a Neptune amplifying the energies.

A very potent combination, which will push you to your boundaries and push you towards change.

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Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles