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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,
You know tomorrow, 26th February 2017 is a Solar Eclipse. You can read about it here

Solar Eclipse - Isheeria- Do's & Dont's

Here’s a quick list of the Do’s & Don’ts to follow, the things to keep in mind during the Eclipse – 

Do’s – 

  1. Keep Kusha, Tulsi Patra (Holy Basil) in the Kichen (Fridge).
  2. Keep Fast
  3. Do Havan
  4. Daan Punya
  5. Grah Shanti ka path
  6. MAntra Jap

Don’ts – 

  1. Don’t step out during an eclipse
  2. Mandir are closed, also, Home Temples should be closed during the eclipse period.
  3. If you are Pregnant – 
    1. Don’t lift anything heavy
    2. keep your back straight
  4. Do not leave any food stuff outside

After the Eclipse, Have a Bath (including head bath), and then clean the house. It is recommended to sprinkle ganga jal all over.

Blessed be,
Isheeria’s Healing Circles