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Finding Juliet - Book Review - #isheeria

Book Review – Finding Juliet

Book Review : Finding Juliet by Toffee (pen name)   This is a man’s story about Finding his Juliet! This book is Different and how! It is an honest (and in my opinion brutally so) telling of the travails & hiccups of love in today’s modern times from the view point of a boy-man (He […]

#BookSlutThursday – 16Feb17

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers, Blogging with #prompts takes some serious schedule juggling, planning and forethought 🙂 Now, when you are playing along a prompt like #bookslutthursday with #shalzmojosays, then the whole exercise becomes a FUN Thing 🙂 coz, you get to do what most of us women, and book lovers loove to do – shop […]

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