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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

We are happy to be back! Excited to share super news in the next post!


If you are born between 21st April -20th May – You are a Taurean (both the dates are inclusive). An important point to remember is that if you were born during a cusp, ie. in the first or last 7 days of a zodiac sign, you will have traits of both the signs, with one of them being more dominant.


Being a Taurus your ruling planet is Venus, your symbol is the Bull. Your keywords are strength and integrity. You are strong, determined, and tenacious. You are practical, fair, persistent, have great endurance. You are patient, persuasive. Conventional, disciplined, bound by routines. Resilient. Excel at planning and organizing. You have a very strong intuition.

On the negative side you can be very stubborn, possessive, and jealous.  You also have a tendency to take those close to you for granted. You can be exacting, domineering, impatient. Once your mind is made up, you are rigid, and inflexible. It is very rare for you to change your mind.

Venus makes you fond of the good things in life, the comforts, the fine things. Whereas, Mercury makes you practical and materialistic. Being equally materialistic and artistic your urge is to create and to build. You are practical, kind-hearted, pragmatic, self- indulgent, materialistic. You should avoid overindulgence in food and drinks. In fact, over indulgence of any kind.

You are sentimental, sensual, and like to flirt. But what you really want is to settle down, and have a secure and lasting relationship.  And the sooner the better! Family is very important to you. In fact, your world revolves around your home and your family. You go out of your way to maintain relationships.

You like peace and quiet, and dislike change of any kind. You are slow to a temper, but once aroused it is very difficult to control. Luckily it fizzles out fast. But you don’t forgive or forget, you bear grudges. It takes a very long time for your resentment to subside.

Congestive and inflammatory conditions of the throat are likely. Generative organs and circulatory system are your sensitive areas. Ear, nose, tonsils, thyroid glands. Diabetes.

You will do better in a large concern rather than in your own business. Anything to do with land, property, agriculture, gardening, entrepreneurship, engineering, administration, the arts and creativity is just up your street. You will excel!

Painter, artist, architect, lawyer, chemist, ambassador, editor, teacher, salesman, musician, designing, finance, food industry, builder are all your forte.

As a parent you are very conscientious, and will do your best for them. You will be very proud of your children. You will need to work on your relationship with your children. You will find it difficult to adjust to them. You need to understand your children. Do not let the generation gap come between you.  Letting go of them will be very hard for you.

Being a very sensitive person, you are attuned to the thoughts of those close to you, and hence easily influenced by them. In turn they find it easy to manipulate you. It is very important that you make up your mind on your own.

Your Planet- Venus.
Your Element- Earth.
Your Lucky Day- Tuesday. Friday.
Your Lucky Number- 6.
Your Lucky Colours- Blue. Red &White combo. Pink.
Your Lucky Gemstones- Diamond.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles