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Joining the #ThankfulThursdays for the very 1st time, with theΒ very interesting Prompt –

thankful-thursdays - #isheeria

Now Like all women, I have my own set of Quirks too, here are 5 which I am very Thankful for –Β 

In my head, I am a tomboy – but, I dress up all girly!
My love for accessories is overflowing.. I have 2 drawers of just my everyday and outing with friends’ jewelry, a shelf (or 2) of bags, and 2 drawers of shoes. But, I never have anything ‘right’ or ‘matching’ to wear when I am actually going out πŸ™Β 

I like my coffee just right, and have no shame in sending it back to be ‘corrected’ – numerous times! While my friends shudder, I sure am popular at my favourite coffee haunts (a.k.a. I am recognized).

At 10 pm, I am super tired – the words,Β ‘let’s go for a movie’ or ‘let’s go have dhaba chai’ have me up, ready & grabbing my car keys πŸ™‚Β 

Twirling round and round, everytime I am wearing a skirt! Need I say more?

Dancing in the rain – Yes, after all these years, it’s still something I relish…Even if you see me standing still, with my face up to the rain, my soul is dancing!

Do you share my quirks? Let’s talk (gossip) about them πŸ™‚

(PS: I find the badge really pretty :))

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