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Thankful-Thursdays-3 isheeria

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Thankful Thursdays – My 3 Mood Boosters #isheeria


Being a Tru-Blu Gemini (Mayuri will concur I am sure), mood swings are as natural as the rhythm of the tide for me!


Thankful-Thursdays-3 isheeria

The 3 Things (Actually, a Person, Entity & Activity to be more accurately precise!) I am Thankful for, for improving my mood are:

My mommy

No matter what Life throws at me, If I can talk it out with my mom, or even just be around her, I feel better! More hopeful & optimistic about Life & Things.
She also guides and advices me on how to manage myself and the situation = A win-win & happy outcome!

My God
My Prayers

To me, my relationship with God has always been like I imagine my relationship with my Grandfather would be. Where I can talk to him about anything and everything, I can share my deepest wishes & hopes & fears. I know that God has always been with me, and shall be – my guardian & protector, my guide & inspiration, my family.

My Belief in Prayer is also strong – I believe that with Prayers we can over come, we can create possibilities, we can improve our Life condition.

And Finally,

My Day Dreams

There is nothing which lifts up my mood like DREAMS! I love day-dreaming in Technicolor, complete with a back ground score, dialogues & happy dramas! 
No matter what, if i can slip in some dreaming time, I find it boosts up my mood & I feel better! 
Activity preferred along with a cup of coffee & some great music on the stereo!

PPS: Also, spending time with my dogs –
they are the very definition of JOY!


This is a beautiful prompt, by @misra_amrita@Deepagandhi1@Twinklingtina and @Mayuri6 for  #ThankfulThursdays & I am so happy to have written this post.. a complete mood booster just writing this one!

I want to invite my dear friend Romz & you my dear readers to join in this & tell me what are your 3 mood boosters? I’d love to add more ideas to my mood-boosting kit 😉

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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – My 3 Mood Boosters #isheeria

  • I believe that the power of prayer is first felt inside of us. It’s a sense of God’s assent, somewhat like someone answering our phone call when the phone has been ringing for a long time and we’re wondering if maybe we should just hang up and try again another time. Then a voice answers and simply says, “I’m here. I’m listening to you.” Communication has been established! God has assented to our calling. God has assented to be in relationship with us. God has assented to us—to you, to me, to who we are and who we hope to be. The power of prayer is real and palpable. You can feel it and know it and depend on it. It comes to us as a gift, but we need to do our part as well. God calls us to pray and through our prayer, God empowers us and gives us strength.

  • This is so nice, Ish. Yes, as a fellow Gemini I am in complete agreement about the mood swings! ;)))
    Prayer and meditation soothe me as well and almost always put me in a better mood.
    Thank you for writing for Thankful Thursdays 🙂

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