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First things first, I am very excited to be the Featured winner for Week 22 with #ThankfulThursdays! Big Thanks to the organizers ! You can read my β€˜winning’ post here. πŸ™‚ Β Congratulations-Ishieta-April17- #isheeria

Now about this week’s #ThankfulThursdays –
You know one of those writing prompts which put you into a β€˜dharam-sankat’ of sorts?

Well, THIS question of a choice between Tea and Coffee and crowning β€˜1’ as my favorite was such a moment for me!

I am a True-Gemini – Dual approach to everything in Life, including my beverages πŸ™‚

For me, each cup is an experience and each cup has to be just right (read about my coffee quirk here).

I LOVE my Tea and Coffee equally, just depending on the day, the time, and the β€˜mahaul’ (environment), 1 I like more and choose over the other for that moment!

I feel about my tea and coffee, and can completely relate to the poetry written in praise of them! They both made it to my 50 happiness list here too! And 1 of my hobbies is to photograph my cups!

To me a Masala Chai is the start of the day, conversations with the closest of friends at a Dhaba drinking copious glasses of Tea.

Coffee is that smooth cup of warmth at work, choice of beverage at a blind date, and, conversations with friends over numerous cups of Coffee.

One or the other, to me, both herald the moment to pause-breathe-and be in the moment. Each cup a symbol of warmth, friendship and my working mind!

I am thankful to the Tea and Coffee growers as I continue to experiment with all sorts of tea leaves and coffee beans and experience the many joys of different cups of Tea and Coffee!

PS: I also love my Cold Coffee!

Which is your favorite? I’d love to compare notes on taste, experiences and recipes πŸ˜‰

Β Tea-Coffee-Addict-Fan,



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8 Responses

  1. Eli Ert

    April 11, 2017 4:17 am

    Lovely post:-) I love my green tea with citrus in the morning and some days . not every days- but some- I enjoy me cappuccino in the afternoon…. A hot cup of love… the best:-)

  2. fabzindia

    April 13, 2017 9:50 am

    I think I’m a tea-girl at heart, but I do love my occasional cup of coffee. We recently got an electric coffee maker and it’s been interesting trying out various blends!

    • Isheeria's Healing Circles

      May 13, 2017 9:43 pm

      I love my tea too, I love my coffee too.. what can i say πŸ™‚ how is the electric coffee maker working out? Share some of the more interesting blends – I will try them out too! Thanks for visiting.


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