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The Gemini Child

Dear Isheeria Healing Circle’s Readers,

If your child is born between 21st May  and 20THJune  he/she is a Gemini.  Active, restless, and versatile. Vivacious, but liable to mood swings. Lively, and fun loving. Good communicators.  They need lots of company, yours and their friends’.06_gemini child

Friendly, alert, inquisitive, energetic, sociable, charming, easy going and talkative. Sensitive, expressive, and capable. They cannot resist a dare or a challenge.

A Geminian is independent from an early age, and resents any interference. They are often one step ahead of everyone else- either academically or in understanding their surroundings. Lovers of knowledge , they should have a superior education. But are apt to lack continuity. With their unquenchable thirst for knowledge they tend to question everything. It is best to always answer their questions and give logical answers. It is not unusual to find them ambidextrous. The Gemini child does not like strict discipline, and has no qualms in making their complaints heard.

keep-calm-its-gemini-season.pngAs Gemini  is the sign of the twins,  your child will seem to be contrary, and in two places at the same time. To keep them still  in one place is a herculean task. You cannot confine a Geminian child- physically or emotionally. Restraints and constraints can lead them to become depressive. And coming out of depression will not be easy. Praise is essential for them. They will likely keep you on your toes, and run you ragged!

They have excellent powers of persuasion, and a quick, often amusing  answer for justifying  everything, enabling them to squirm out of sticky situations. It is difficult for them to see, much less admit, that they are in the wrong.

They have a vivid imagination and sometimes don’t realize where reality finished and their imagination took over—at this stage they need to be handled very gently. In self- defense they retreat into their own world.

As a parent you should cultivate in them the habit of self -control. They must be taught to complete every task that they begin.   Being easily distracted, they find it hard to be punctual.

They will always be pursuing minimum 2 tasks at the same time. Teach them to pace themselves. They throw themselves wholeheartedly into a new project/ interest. But will likely lose interest as something more interesting comes along. Because of their short interest span, they should do projects of small duration.   By completing the task in hand they will have a feeling of achievement and fulfillment.      Stimulating the mind of your Gemini child is of the utmost importance. They are quick to learn and progress. Being very talkative they need to sit quietly and listen too. And learn to share the centre stage. A bored Gemini will quickly resort to destructive behavior to break the monotony.  Gemini’s are good communicators, but tend not to share their emotions and inner feelings.

Geminians are the children of Mercury, the sign of the twins. Their duality and restlessness is an inherent characteristic within them. . As a parent you need to teach them to handle and come to terms with their quicksilver reactions and their dual personality.

Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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