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If your child is born between 23rd Sept and 22nd Oct he/she is a Libran. Bright, intelligent, reasonable, and adaptable. But they can also be moody and stubborn. A Libran child has an instinctive sense of fashion, grooming, and etiquette; and an interest in the Arts.    From an early age they can perceive that there are two sides to every story, and to every situation. The more they understand this the more confused they become leading to an inability to make a decision. Don’t rush them to decide/ to make up their minds. They hate making decisions, and do not respond well to pressure.

In life the Libran child will have it pretty easy as they will be able to mollify and get their own way because of their irresistible charm and tact. They tend to throw tantrums from an early age if they can’t easily get what they want. Also, a tendency to procrastinate as they have great difficulty in making up their minds and coming to a decision. The answer is to reason with them, and persuade them, and not give them choices.

Libran children need help to keep their feet on the ground. Being a sociable child they like being surrounded by people, and tend to feel stifled if left too much alone. They should learn to control their natural sensitiveness. Harmony is the most important factor in their life, and to achieve this they will go to any lengths, and try to please  everyone. Because they hate to disappoint anyone they find it difficult to say “no”.

As a parent try not to encourage the idealistic side of their nature.  Begin to educate them early and ensure that they do not go to extremes.  Be very careful/ watchful concerning secret vices. They have a tendency to be misled  and/ or controlled by others, hence it is important that they be strictly disciplined. Great care in their education and training is a must. They need gentle handling, encouragement and appreciation.

They will likely be hypochondriacs always imagining the worst.  Rest and quiet are essential for them to recoup their energy reserves.

You need to keep their intellectual faculties active. Teach them to be practical. And be aware that they can wrap you around their little finger, and are masters at getting their way!!

Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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