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The Sagittarius Child

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

 If your chisagi childld is born between 23rd Nov and 21st Dec.  he/she is a Sagittarian. Bold, fearless, determined, combative, decisive. Will hate secrets and dishonesty of any kind (but not above tweaking facts themselves!). T
hey are outgoing, social, popular, quick-witted and curious.

Adventurous, sporting, optimistic, loves debates, taking risks, is courageous and accident-prone. They rarely sit still. They are always involved, always doing something, always asking questions.

The Sagittarian child does not like to give in or admit to their mistakes. They are strong minded, independent, caring, humorous, and not tactful. They have quick tempers, but will readily forgive and forget. They do not take opposition kindly.

To your child the most important factor is Freedom.  Freedom in all forms—in thought, in speech, and in action. They will feel stifled if kept in a closed environment, made to follow rules and regulations (they believe that rules are made to be broken), or kept at home under restrictions. They will definitely rebel! You will need to give solid reasoning to convince them. They need open spaces and the freedom and independence to move about freely.  And remember, they respect honesty above everything.

You will require lots of patience and will need to spend time with your child. They require quiet guidance for they will resist any form of advice. They need a cause, a reason for being. They are erratic, as they have bursts of interest and energy. They lack follow-through. Hence, you need to teach them the importance of completing tasks and seeing things through. Teach them perseverance. You have to keep them occupied, but don’t leave them to their own devices. Teach them economy, as not only are they generous but also extravagant. 

Fun-loving, extrovert, excitable, they need to be the focus of attention. They are easily bored and distracted, and find it difficult to conform to routines and discipline. Ensure that they do not feel stifled. You need to motivate them. To encourage their enthusiasm, so as to sustain their efforts. If you give them plenty of rope, they will be honest and open with you.

If isolated i.e. without too much interaction with other people they will likely withdraw, become defiant and sarcastic.

Teach them to be polite, tactful, diplomatic, responsible, and to persevere. They will flex their wings early, so be prepared.  And they will fly their roost, at some time in their life. If not at an early stage, then definitely later.  

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles


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