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The THREE Simple Pleasures I am Thankful For #isheeria #ThankfulThursdays

The THREE (3) Simple Pleasures I am Thankful For

Thankful-Thursdays-32 isheeria

The wonderful thing about participating in the Thankful Thursday hop with  @Deepa @Amrita @twinklingtina & @Mayuri6 (the beautiful team of TT)  is that it makes one pause in the madness of rushing in life, take a deep breath and actual recall things and people one is thankful for.

A space of taking a moment to reflect and think, and you realise, there is something to be thankful for, and feel gratitude towards in our lives. For this itself, kudos to the team for creating this, and keeping it going!

It (ThankfulThursdays)
is equivalent to smelling the rose along the highway!

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A big thanks to the team for selecting my post on My 3 mood boosters for Week 30 & gifting me with an Amazon Gift Voucher 🙂 for my favourite pleasure of all times… READING! 

One of the simplest pleasures in life, is Reading. The joy of sinking into a book, curling up with the plot & imagining the characters in the mind’s eyes is a wonderful experience – at no additional cost!

In my life, conversations are another pleasure – free and fantastic experiences.

A conversation can change your life!

Whether it is conversing with my family and friends, strangers (or even my pets), in person or over a phone call – I find that irrespective of the content or nature of the conversation, it is such a wonderful activity – a great exchange of thoughts and ideas, learning and teaching, and just plain – all-round fun 🙂

One more simple pleasure in my life, is Tea and Coffee.
The complete experience of brewing my coffee/tea, choosing the cup, settling into a space and inhaling the aroma. Sipping on my drink while I take a break or read, or do whatever activity I am doing – It just adds a bit more niceness to that moment, to my day!

Come Join me for a cuppa , come share with me the simple pleasures  you enjoy in your life?



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