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Childhood Memories #isheeria #ThankfulThursdays (33)

Childhood Memories

thankfulthursdays isheeria ishieta

Childhood, such a melodious time it was, wasn’t it?

When I look back on the years that were, I can’t help but smile at some of my own antics and some of my experiences from back then!

I remember the freedom we enjoyed – of choice and hobbies and TIME! 

One of the things I miss now as a grown-up, is the time we had to play! 

Some of my childhood memories that I am thankful for ( & secretly still do) :

  • Jumping through EVERY puddle … chhapaak!


  • Dancing in the rain I love the RAIN – to me, there are so many feelings and experiences to be enjoyed when it rains – whether I am sitting inside or outside, or getting wet – It is joyful & a moment to pause and SMILE – for I am ALIVE …  & getting wet, or not!


  • Day Dreaming – in eastman color!Yep! That’s me, day dreamer… I would imagine scene by scene, dialogues, costume & scenery! sometimes, I would dream the dream all over again, and change the venue or the people in my drama 


  • ICE-CREAM! I NEVER worried about weight or calories… I just love ice-cream.. and some of my fondest memories are of my mother and me, going to Narula’s restaurant, which was next to some railway tracks and under a flyover (the location made THIS particular Nirula outlet quite the novelty), and having a HOT-CHOCOLATE FUDGE (with Extra Nuts for me) each & chatting… my love for conversations, ideas and discussions comes from this.


  • MIRACLES – I saw the impact of alternative methods of Healing on people’s lives – It is one of the experiences from my childhood that I am most thankful for – Being surrounded by Healers, I heard and saw so much with my own eyes & experienced, that it became a cornerstone of who I am, and the work I do in my life.  It has helped me have FAITH in people, in treatments, in Healing, and that everyone, every ailment, can get better – Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual! That pain isn’t a way of life! We always have choice to find the treatment to help us!

Do you share any of my childhood memories? I’d love to read about yours too – leave me a comment 🙂

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One thought on “Childhood Memories #isheeria #ThankfulThursdays (33)

  • The chaapak ,day dreaming and Narula’s are all favourites.Day dreaming I still do .I am a healer too Ish .I sincerely believe modern medicine is only useful if you believe and have faith.Death and life both are decided somehwere else .We are just playing a game in he meantime.Its about doing our best,wherever with whatever.Love the optimism in your post and I want that cloud !Where did you get that?Its so cute .Thank you so much for writing with us for #ThankfulThurtsdays

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