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Welcome to your #WeeklyTarot Reading on #Isheeria for the Week of May 17, 2020

1. Now (what you are feeling) –
 3 of Pentacles

2. Source (where is it coming from) –
 2 of Pentacles

3. Action (what can you do) –
 10 of Pentacles

4. Outcome (guidance for the way forward) –
 8 of Swords in Reverse

#TarotReading :

This reading has a dominance of the Pentacles suit which symbolises Health, Wealth & the physical realm.

This suit is ruled by the element Earth and holds sway over Home & Hearth, with a focus on sense of security.

Zodiacs that may be feeling these more strongly in their lives these days are Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns.  You will find some balance if you face the East Direction and meditate on the color Green (It could be a picture of a plant or a circle of Green drawn onto a piece of paper).

Weekly Tarot Reading on Isheeria for 17 - 23 May 2020

You are now aware of how much you have taken on your plate and are finding it difficult to balance everything, and hence the FOCUS this week needs to be on bringing harmony back into your life and space.

You need to put your energy being positive and upbeat – Take a step back and see the bigger picture!

You need to step out of your feelings of doubt, helplessness and assumptions of what something means based on your past experiences. This will allow you to change your point of view, and hence your approach.

At this time, YOU need to focus on the collaborative energies around you and the opportunity to create results through teamwork (both at home and at work) <– This is what you need to tap into!

“I create an equilibrium in my life that allows me to be my best self.”

Blessed Be!

(p.s.: If you felt drawn to this reading at any time, please know there is a guidance & message for you in this spread)

Deck : Lightseers Tarot

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