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By: Isheeria's Healing Circles

2017 – Your Personal Year- Predictions (By: Numerology)

2017 – Your Personal Year- Predictions (by: Numerology) 


Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

We have seen ‘Predictions’ for the new year pop up all over, and if you are like me, you have clicked away and read them all up – glad about the good stuff, hopeful the not-so-good stuff is not meant for you per se J

Based on Numerology, here is a method to know what this year will be for YOU, personally.

First, you need to calculate your number for 2017————–

Add your date of birth + your month of birth + 2017. Reduce the total to a single digit.

E.g. If you were born on 1st January, then you add: 1 +1 + 2+0+1+7 =12 = 3. This is your Personal Year number for 2017. Now, go to the prediction for PY-3 & read all about your personal year ahead.


Personal Year 1 (PY-1)

This is a year of changes, at many levels, in your life.

A change of place, of environment, of work, of attitude. Your horizons will widen, as will your circle of friends and acquaintances.
This is a year of movement, of turmoil, and of chaos to some extent. The change and movement is inevitable, so embrace it and go with the flow.  For, rest assured, you will come out of it smiling.

A note of advice:  The year will be all the smoother if you have a positive approach. Embrace the opportunities that come your way!!


Personal Year 2 (PY – 2)

This is a year to assimilate the changes of the last year, to make choices and to compromise.
You will need to make difficult choices, and learn to bring your life into balance once again.
Make your decisions carefully.
There will be help from unexpected sources.
You are likely to forge new relationships which will last life- long.

A note of advice:  Do not procrastinate, as otherwise, others will make the decision for you!!


Personal Year 3 (PY – 3)

This is a year to express yourself, to be creative, to step out of your comfort zone. To expand your horizons, and to move forward.

This is not the year for major decisions, moves, or changes. It is the time to gradually evolve and come into your own.

A note of advice:  Don’t get so caught up in yourself that you start to take others for granted. This could lead to your losing them!!


Personal Year 4 (PY – 4)

This will not be an easy year. There will be unexpected developments. You will feel as if you are going around in circles and not achieving much.
The end of the year will give you results of your hard work and perseverance.

This is a year to strengthen your foundations. Pay attention to details and to the opportunities that come your way.

A note of advice:  Don’t ignore or sweep issues under the carpet, whether they are issues regarding your health, finances, or relationships.


Personal Year 5 (PY – 5)

This is the year you come into your own. You will consciously adapt and change your environment and circle. You will want to step up. You will have the motivation, the opportunity, and the energy to make the desired changes. And there will be opportunities galore.

A note of advice:  Don’t lose touch with the practicality of life. Stay grounded!!


Personal Year 6 (PY – 6)

This is a year when your focus will be on home and family. On renovations, decorations, and                      celebrations . On finding your life partner, on settling down.  Marriage.
This is a year to focus on yourself and on your relationships.

A note of advice:  Don’t get carried away. Set sensible boundaries. Keep yourself grounded!!


Personal Year 7 (PY – 7)

This year you will be in an introspective mood.
You will try and assess your path in life, and the choices and decisions that you made.
The changes this year will be within yourself. Solutions will not come easily.

At the last minute, someone will step up and help you- whether by helping you sort out the problem, or by helping you find the solution.

A note of advice:  Don’t lose hope, as the issues will be resolved. And you will be the richer from this experience!!


Personal Year 8 (PY – 8)

This is the year to reap the rewards of the efforts that you have been putting in.

This year will showcase the results of the choices and decisions you have made so far.

This is a time of opportunities, of expansion, of growth.
Be practical, but think and plan big.

A note of advice:  This is your year. Go grab it!!


Personal Year 9 (PY – 9)

This is the year you come full circle. Reassess your life.
Learn to let go of anything that has lost its usefulness, or that pulls you down.

This is a dynamic year of decisions and changes.

What you take forward from here will impact your life for the next 10 years. Don’t do anything with an overtly selfish motive.

A note of advice:  Be tolerant and compassionate. Be patient.


“You have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can – prepare, pray and achieve – to make it happen” – Ben Carson.



Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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