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21 April – 20 May Taurean

Dear Isheeria Healing Circle’s Readers,

If you are born between 21st April-20th May. you are a Taurus, and ruled by Venus and Mercury.Taurus2.jpg

These two diverse influences pull you in opposing directions making your life a very interesting one. On the one hand you are a true artist wanting to be creative, and on the other hand you are materialistic, wanting the security that material things can provide. Your beauty lies in the fact that you are able to integrate both sides of your personality without it tearing you asunder.

Venus makes you artistic, intuitive, insecure, clinging, fond of the good things in life. It makes you crave discipline and routine in every aspect of your life.

Mercury makes you practical and materialistic. It helps you find and make your own security, be it in regard to your emotions, your relationships, or your things.

Mercury gives you the financial acumen and Venus gives you the persistence. An absolutely win-win situation.

The duality comes in with your wanting your own way, and being very set and rigid on the other hand. You want to venture out, claim the world as yours. And also not want any changes. This makes for a very frustrating scenario, especially as you realize that the duality is within you. And,what brings peace, is that both the sides of your personality are striving for the same thing, security.

This very duality also makes you one of the most charming people on earth. Intelligent, graceful, creative, a hard worker, and with great taste.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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