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6 Months Into 2019 #ZombieBlogHop #Isheeria


Six months into 2019 and the general consensus is that half the year is already past and community panic is setting in! Panic you ask? Well Yes, we are all goal-oriented folks and have suddenly woken up to the passage of time and non-ticking off of our lists!

This #ZombieBlogHop came about from a conversation with Writer Tribers over the weekend… and as I sit and review my past six months I am pleasantly surprised, and happy to realise that I have made more progress in real life than I realised in my mind or had updated on my Bullet Journal! 😊


In my quest wish to be more in touch with Nature and my spiritual side –

I have been going for regular walks and been living in the moment! Not so much on my phone or on Social Media – but actually taking in the fresh air and the chirping of the birds! And, the occasional photograph!

Isheeria 6 months into 2019 zombie blog hop


It is amazing how much greenery is abundant in the ‘concrete’ jungle of Gurgaon. Further, I have braved adding a potted plant to my room (though between the Dogs and the Rodents, it’s Life span is quite undetermined!)

Isheeria 6 months into 2019 zombie blog hop


Adding more color to my life & water – Focusing on my Health and investing in these colourful and succulent fruits! I am not much of a fruit eater, so this has been quite the departure for me!


Isheeria 6 months into 2019 zombie blog hopIsheeria 6 months into 2019 zombie blog hop


TWO Trips for feeding my spiritual soul!

It is not until one sits down and takes stock that one realises how we have changed – How what we want, think and desire has moved away from the daily struggles to the heart yearning for those moments of being one with the universe!

In March 2019, I went on a 6 day Yatra with Iskcon – At the time I did not realise it, but this trip has shifted something fundamentally inside of me – At my very root!

On this trip (my first trip this year), for the very first time I visited Ujjain and Mayapur and the interiors of West Bengal!
I walked (a lot!), I chanted, I sang, I was up at 3:30 am, attended Mangla Aarti (most mornings) and I saw a side of myself that I hadn’t known existed and revelled in it  – Soon I hope to capture my experiences in words and share with you all! However, I have yet not found the words to articulate this experience!

My second trip, an impromptu one was at the end of May 2019, around my birthday to Rishikesh.

The highlight? I fell into the River Ganga and got swept away!
 I was caught by a helpful couple by the long sleeves I wore that day and my friends arrived in time to pull me out! I sat on the side of the river bank for some moments in shock, and next waded right back into the river and sat on some rocks with my friends – sunning myself and watching the river ebb past, just like I thought my life was!
Then I got nudged by some flowers and was pulled back into the moment and reminded that my Life is NOW and I can find joy in the moment – in that moment, with the laughter of my friends and strangers, the sun beating down on me as I sat half-immersed in the Ganges with flowers floating past! – It pulled me back into this moment – this life –  and the dreams I still have – All this filled me with Gratitude for what IS and what will be! I felt, BLESSED by the Rives Ganga, by the Mother Ganga!

Take a moment, and reflect, haven’t these 6 months been interesting? Helped you evolve at a fundamental level? Perhaps at the level of a habit? One progressive step – but a step nonetheless!


Thank you Vinitha from www.vinithadileep.com/for the tag! – You can read her post here.
And It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to an absolute darling, Damyanti of www.damyantiwrites.com – You can read her take on the #ZombieBlogHop here.

There are 24 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 17, 18, 19 June 2019. The bloggers will add their links to the linky too. Do follow the #ZombieBlogHop and prepare to be surprised.


In Gratitude,


(P.S. Oops about the photographs.. they are like me these days… All topsy turvy and lovely!)

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32 thoughts on “6 Months Into 2019 #ZombieBlogHop #Isheeria

  • It’s always delightful to realise you’ve accomplished more than you give yourself credit for! I want to hear more about your spiritual trips. Next time we catch up over coffee?

  • Beautiful! I’m so happy that these months have been so meaningful for you. You’ve invested a lot in your well-being and I’m certain the fruits are going to be long term. Love and hugs..

  • Glad to read about your ways of self care! These months have been amazing for you and I hope the latter half of 2019 is as fruitful as this one too.

  • I am happy for you. In the journey of life there are many tosses and tumbles literally and figuratively, but there are also anchors and hands to help us out. You seem to have found both. As you say, full dubki in the Ganga means totally being blessed by the mother. Wow!

  • I enjoyed reading about your spiritual journey. However, that drowning bit was scary. I also started walking and eating healthy this year. Just like you, I am also not a fruit-eater but I am having fruits twice a day. I feel you are right when you say that in our minds we keep thinking we have not achieved enough. But the moment we sit down and take stock we realise we have achieved substantially. Hope you spend the remaining six months with the same vitality.

  • So happy to read your positive filled post, Ishieta. You have done so much in the first half of 2019 and I wish you keep up the good work on the coming days, too. 🙂

  • Wow Ishieta, waking up at 3:30, singing and chanting… I can imaging how it feels. Do share your experience and share some pictures too. Loved reading your post.

  • You have had an adventurous six months. Hoping the best for you. I also do not eat lots of fruits but realised that I need to include them more in my diet for healthy living. It’s work in progress for me too.

  • That must have been a scary moment – being washed away. But then as you said you were meant to be in the here and now hence the couple saved you literally by hanging on to your sleeves! No wonder you feel blessed. Hope the next six months are less dramatic!. Wish you peace.

  • Reading about you falling in the Ganga came out as a shock to me. Oh God! Bless the souls who rescued you from the waters. Thereafter, you went back into the water deliberately, you must be quite a rockstar person 🙂 Yay for the changes you have been making in your life. Have a fruitful rest of the year 2019.

  • Good to know that you were not sucked into ticking of boxes. Life is more than the goals and lists we make. So I absolutely loved your post. It’s about living in the moment and seeing things differently.
    I didn’t know there was an Ujjain in West Bengal. I have been to the one in MP 🙂
    Tell me more about mangal Aarti.
    Getting swept in Ganga would have been scary. Very brave if you to step in again. I’d have been dead scared. But that’s me!
    Have a lovely rest of the year, Ishieta.

  • Oh gosh! You got swept away in the river? That must have been such a terrifying experience!
    You are truly blessed, you know! The people who appear in our life at the nick of time to save us from an adversity, those are the ones the Universe sends into our lives as angels in disguise. Being grateful to them and for the moments that were, and learning to live in the here and the now– those are the lessons Life keeps teaching us every time we slip off the track. 🙂 Those are the lessons I learned these past six months 🙂

  • Discovering self and living in moment is something that we all cherish to achieve. Its so heartening to see that you have achieved it one step at time in the right direction.
    As for the ISKON trips, would love to know more from you.

  • I have been to rishikesh before and it does bring out a spiritual side. Even haridwar is so beautiful. I would love to know more about your Iskon temple yatra.

  • Was fascinated reading about your spiritual Yatra. It must have been an incredible experience. Your tryst with the Ganga too made for interesting reading and can see it was one of those defining moments in your life.

  • Wow seems you spend your time effectively. After baby, I almost forgot to take care of myself but your post is motivating to do at least once a week.

  • What a lovely idea to reinvent yourself, I would love to do the same someday (when the time permits). Being swept away by the tide, that’s the scariest thing man… but yeah, you are safe, sound, and chirpy happy to know that. Keep rocking

  • That’s such an interesting hashtag! Being productive and involved in meaningful trips, activities, events, feels like a great achievement. So glad you’re moving up and beyond in life, more sunshine your way! ♥️

  • God! I was shocked when I read you fell and got swept away with the flow! Thank god you are safe! God bless those helpful people! ❤
    I am glad you enjoyed this year and both your trips!

  • Hey dear, I went to Rishikesh last week with and it was purely blissful. And yes, the world is much greener outside as compared to the wallpaper on mobile.
    Stay blessed and wish you luck in the coming years.

  • So glad to know you invested time and energy toward your own wellbeing! Making life more meaningful is what ultimately matters and I wish the rest of 2019 lets you do that more often and brings more abundance into your life.

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