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Book Review – The Brahmin

Welcome to the Book Review of THE BRAHMIN by Ravi Shankar Etteth


#TheBrahmin is a well-written novel by @etteth which has intelligence inter-woven with intrigue - An unputdownable read! - Neera #isheeria Click To Tweet


While the Delhi weather was playing havoc, I had the good luck to curl in with a hot cup, hot pakodas (fried dumplings) and a book!  – safely tucked into my arm-chair, my mind could take flight along with the adventures of THE BRAHMIN!

Available on Amazon..in and all leading retailers. You can view the video about the book (& 5 reasons to read the book in the author’s own words)   on Youtube here:  https://t.co/LxST9XBhRu



The Brahmin isheeria



About the Book:

The story of ‘The Brahmin’ is set in Pre-Kalinga (now Odisha) war era, and revolves around the adventures of a skillful and ruthless spymaster of Emperor Asoka’s court. 

The Book is well researched and well-written! The protagonist showcases intelligence and cunning to unravel the mystery which makes for a  very interesting read.


My experience of Reading it:

This was un-put-down-able read!

On a stormy Sunday – I started this book as it sounded interesting, and then just had to know what happened next! well, next thing i knew, I had finished reading this book in time for Sunday dinner!
A well-spent leisurely Sunday

If you enjoy a well-written novel which has intelligence inter-woven with intrigue, then you must get a copy of THE BRAHMIN for yourself and get started!  

I enjoyed the strong characters, mythology tales, suspense and the action-packed pace of the story.

The author has a unique sense of poetic humor, and you can see this throughout his writings.



author Ravi Shankar Etteth The Brahmin

About the Author:

Ravi Shankar Etteth is an India Author, Editor, and Cartoonist.

In 1996, Etteth published his first book of short stories The Scream of the Dragonflies.

He is also the author of — The Book of ShivaThe Village of Widows and The Tiger By The River. He is already working on his next book.

He collaborated with artist Paresh Maity on a book on Kerala. He has also authored a travel book on the state 

He is now a columnist and the  Editor of The Sunday Standard belonging to The New Indian Express, based in New Delhi.


Connect with the Author on Twitter, website

Happy Reading!


I received the book from writersmelon.com, in exchange for an honest review.


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