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Book Review: The Three Flowers #isheeria

Book Review of : THE THREE FLOWERS – My Blooming verses by NOVEMBERSCHILD A.K.A. ROMILAA

Romilaa novermberschild.com poems micropoetry ebook blogchatter AtoZ Challenge Isheeria

About the Author – Romilaa is a seasoned blogger (around since 2004), and this is her second e-book. She has won many awards, & writes for multiple sites & publications.

She blogs at: www.novemberschild.com

She is a prolific writer, poetess and someone who provokes thoughts for a deeper reflection in the reader through her words – whether it is in a blog post, article or tweet!

On the subject of Tweets, she has a funny sense of humour which is completely unapologetic – Follow her on Twitter on @romspeaks for your daily dose of realism sandwiched in humour!

She is the go-to person for many bloggers who find themselves on the crossroads of any aspect of writing, blogging or creating!
My own experience with her been one of joyful interactions & incessant laughter. (read her tweets to know what I mean!)

It was good fun to follow her posts throughout the A to Z challenge in April this year (2017) & am glad the poems are compiled as an e-book for my personal collection.

My Review:

The first thing one reads is the dedication – which brings a smile to the face! How wonderful to have such a warm feeling for the most important person indeed!!! (You will have to read this for yourself to know how the very opening lines just invite you into the book).

This book is a collection of 26 Micropoems written as part of the A to Z Challenge in April 2017.

MicroPoems is an interesting concept! I love how within a few lines, a complete story unfolds. I especially like the lack of rules, boundaries and definitions, allowing for natural expression.
Romilaa has created these micropoems which say so much – traversing so many emotions and moments, that I had to read each poem 2-3 times to truly appreciate the veiled references.

As someone to whom visuals are fascinating, the imagery and symbolism in these poems were especially poignant, as some brought to my minds’ eye a perspective I had never considered before – I love expanding my mind and the perspectives which guide me, and to do so inside of a few lines – is quite poetic in itself, don’t you think?

I feel one of the reasons these poems truly work at a deeper level is because Romilaa has this hold upon the language which makes one dwell deeper into our own understanding of the nuances of the words and how they come together to mean the obvious! & then some more!


The Poems from the letters A & E made me realise, how one needs to be aware, L was just so pretty, and the poem with C is one of my favourites from this collection.

The poem with F one of the reasons why Romilaa needs to be on everyone’s list of friends… ! What a way to look at friendship! Just wow!

Q & T had me thinking deeper, O & R reflect upon my own emotions.

I don’t believe I have ever read a happier take on X, than in this collection of Poems (would you agree?),
And finally Z had me go WOAAH…. !!!    A brutal truth wrapped in the lyrics of humour!

This collection read together, is much more than I imagined when I began reading it!

The Throwback was a highlight with the poem – which captures the reality of the challenge so very well.

I recommend you to read this collection of Micro Poems for yourself, and find, as I did, a different way of looking at certain words, feelings and experiences!

You can download a free copy of this collection for a limited time here.

I’d love to hear your feedback too – leave me a comment/ share your review with me.

I am reviewing this book as part of the The Blogchatter Ebook Carnival which is a part of the Annual – Global A to Z Challenge.

Thank you Romilaa for mentioning me too in your book – I am so glad you enjoyed my maiden voyage into the A to Z Challenge!


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