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#ClickAndBlogAStory – Feminism

Dear Isheera’s Healing Circles Readers,ALL ABOUT THE WOMAN

Joining in, and Linking up with Dew and Zainab & and @misra_amrita  for their #ClickAndBlogAStory Linky Party every Sunday.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave me a message.

Week 3 Prompt: Feminism

The prompt is an interesting & controversial one, isn’t it?


Warning – Angst ridden explanation, from the very real struggles of fellow women & I –

The Era where Feminism meant a revolution out on the streets, has now become more of an internal evolution – where, the woman must even today, stand up for her right to have a CHOICE! Yes, this is a struggle I still see many of us going through – a struggle to be HEARD, to have a VOICE & a CHOICE & the Option to LIVE our LIFE in PEACE on OUR TERMS  (did I just hear you cackle at my feeble attempts at humor here?)

Well, FEMINISM is : –

Yes, a choice of who she wants to be – the kind of person (how many times have we been told to be more lady like, patient, NICE…. as if we are not inherently these, but must we showcase these values to the percentage of your (the audience, the observer, the judge-r ‘s liking?)

A choice of what she wants to be – A ‘career’ (just so we sound more purposefull) in managing an organization, a community or a household – To be an artist who creates, nurtures, develops & saves lives – And these my friends are the roles of a mother, sister, daughter, friend & a HUMAN Being who could be a doctor, teacher or your next-door neighbor!

A choice of when she wants to be – She can be a teacher today OR a critic – Let her choose in that moment!

A choice of how she wants to be – thin, fat, extrovert, introvert, coffee lover, tea lover, reader, non-reader, skirt wearer, saree wearer, opinion-sharer, opinion-not-sharer, and even a fence-sitter – Let there be choice in how she wants to LIVE her life…. Be a Feminist, Let Feminism GROW.

PS: About the picture – & Yes, the choice to wear pink pants & a pink shawl & carry a pink bag & then travel proudly alone in the city 🙂

Thoughtfully & Hopefully,

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