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#CoffeeTuesdays with @romspeaks @Slimexpectation #isheeria

Hello Hello,

On this blistering hot afternoon, It is a relief to sit down with my friends over some cold coffee & chat about the crazy last couple of days!

CoffeeTuesdays with ishieta of team Isheeria at isheeriashealingcircles

This has been an exciting time! so, first I must share my exciting news with you girls – I saw the Publication of 2 (TWO) of my works thanks to TheBlogchatter team. I even wrote about my experience here.

Frankly, when I was growing up, I used to dream of being a writer and it is amazing that Life has worked out so beautifully, that now, at the mid-point of my life, I am the author of 3 (THREE) published works and write for others and have my own blog – my own space in the virtual world! [sce emoji=”dance”/]
I pray and hope that I am able to explore more of the written world, and create a home here.

This has also been an interesting month so far where I have made lots of new friends, and connected with people beyond the virtual world. As fascinated as I am with Twitter and Facebook, I find a one to one conversation and communication to be great fun and satisfying too!

I am super excited to share with you girls that this year I had an AWESOME birthday!!!

20 wonderful people wrote on the subject of ‘Do I deserve to be Happy’ on my blog – their insights and perspectives were so interesting and honestly, on tough days, they have become my GO-TO for feeling better, finding inspiration and motivation.

I got some very nice and thoughful gifts – I felt like i was a young girl again 🙂 beauty products, perfumes, jewellery, and bags and stationary and books… .woohooo! so exciting 🙂

I am planning to start my health journey – will keep you peeps posted on how it goes!

I am also planning a little trip.. more deets soon 😉

I enjoyed our coffee chat.. looking forward to the next one! & yes, I will reach on time 😉




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5 thoughts on “#CoffeeTuesdays with @romspeaks @Slimexpectation #isheeria

  • Congratulations!! Super happy to see you as a published author of not one but three books and I wish you success in writing more books. I know you had an awesome birthday and I was a part of the celebrations…atleast virtually. Your guest post carnival was a huge HIT. I was expecting to see your gifts, if not here, may be personally ( you know where to click and show). I look forward for your next post on health and also that lil trip of yours!!

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