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Gemini (21-31 May)

Dear Isheeria Healing Circles Readers,

If you are born between 21ST May- 31st May  you are a Gemini, and a “true” child of Mercury, meaning that Mercury alone has a very strong influence on you. As a child of Mercury you excel at all forms of communication and have a quick- silver mind, are active and always multi- tasking, very persuasive, manipulative, and difficult to fathom. It is a very rare person who can keep up with you. You love a good challenge, and are not averse to taking risks. You find it difficult to make a commitment and to hold true to it.

You are vivacious, volatile, restless, impulsive, loyal, generous, capricious, and arrogant. You have a tendency to prevaricate. Your mind is always ahead of your actions. Intellectual communication is very important for you. The one thing you cannot cope with is boredom.

It is difficult for anyone to understand or know your next move, as you yourself don’t know what you’ll be doing. Basically, the answer is whatever catches your interest.

You tend to scatter your energy and your resources by learning and doing a lot of things, but not completing any of them. You will be knowledgeable about a lot of subjects but not have a thorough enough knowledge about any of them. You are highly ambitious, but lack the staying power to move up the ladder. You need to develop a sense of direction as a loss of focus can lead to frustration and deep-rooted depression.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and hence you are likely to run in opposing directions, with your heart pulling you in one direction and your mind in another. But, just as the Twins complement and complete each other, so do the two sides of your personality merge and make you the most interesting and complex of all the zodiac signs.

Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles



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