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Gift Ideas this Festive Season

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

At this time of festivals, parties and weddings, and with Christmas and New Year round the corner it is the time for gifts. And are we stumped trying to find just the right gift?? The secret to the ideal gift (if you don’t already know what they want!) is to turn to astrology. After all the personal tastes and whims are broadly based on your zodiac sign. So, if you know the zodiac sign of the person you are choosing a gift for you really can’t go wrong in your choice.


ARIES:  21ST March—20th April.
A top of the range accessory, Designer wear, Health club subscription, A Coffee table book, A Vacation.

TAURUS:  21st April—20th May.
Ostentatious, expensive, good quality gift.   Designer wear, Jewellery, Perfume, A Celebrity cookbook.

GEMINI:  21st May—2oth June.
Latest gadgets, Communication system, Theatre or Movie tickets, Books.

CANCER:  21st June—22nd July.
Antiques, Traditional jewellery, Family photographs, A Practical gadget, Candy.

LEO:  23rd July—22nd August.
Ostentatious, expensive, good quality, personalized gift, A Spa break, Opera or Ballet  tickets. A Watch.

VIRGO:  23rd August—22nd September.                                                                        A Practical gift, An Organizer, An addition to their collection, Health club or Magazine subscription, Bath salts or Bath oils, A Cookbook.

LIBRA:  23rd September—22nd October.
A top of the range, tasteful gift, A gift voucher, Tickets to their favorite Sport or Musical event, A Weekend trip.

SCORPIO:  23rd October—22nd November.                                                                                              An exotic and practical gift, A Gift voucher, something related to the world of Mystery or the Occult- a Book or a Workshop/Seminar.

SAGITTARIUS:  23rd November—21st December.                                                     An Adventure holiday, A Book, An Introduction to a new Sport, Craft or Language.

CAPRICORN:  22nd December—19th January.
A Good quality, practical gift, A Briefcase or Wallet, Antique jewelry or Broach, Perfumes, Treats for their pets, A Celebrity biography or Cookbook.

AQUARIUS:  20th January – 18th  February.
An Exclusive, trendy gift, Latest electronic gadget, Crystals, New Age items, Health products.

PISCES:  19th February – 20th March.
A Romantic, exclusive, and latest product, Exotic candles, Perfumes, Handmade embroidery, Designer wear.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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