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The Elements Series – AIR

Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circes,


“Feel the wind caresses your body and soul,
take in the fresh air and begin your day energized and upbeat!”




Join our guest, Access Bar Healer Ms. Ridhi Kapoor as she explores the Element of Air today.


For so many of us, a whiff of fresh air and you can feel alive and ready to tackle the day. It is amazing how just standing outdoors can uplift your spirits to such an extent. But have you ever thought why does that happen?

Today I will try to answer this question by discussing our 4th element –the AIR element.

Air as an element is difficult to explain as unlike the earth or water element we cannot see air but only feel it, but it is exactly this quality that makes this element so important for us. It connects us to the unknown and the untameable, something which is always around us but we as humans never notice it.

In Hindu philosophy, this element is equated to PRANA – The first and the ultimate connection of the body and soul to this reality. The first draw of breath connects us to our present life and leaves us only when we move onto the next life. It is the most vital to our existence and it teaches us the need for movement and is also the symbol for change. It is also the element which is connected to understanding our path to spiritual enlightenment as it teaches us that there is much more to life than we can see and fathom.

In astrology the zodiac sign Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are associated with the air element and are considered highly intelligent and curious. They are hard to hold down, yet still, have the ability to be flexible.

In numerology, the air element is connected to the number 8. The number 8 in numerology creates change especially in your career or finances. It also harbours the need to learn adaptability and flexibility in your life.

In wicca, the wand movements represent the air element –the movements are considered akin to the wind moving the tree branches.

In feng shui, the air element is represented more in line to the Hindu belief of Prana. They call it Chi energy which is the universal life force. According to them, everything has chi and in feng shui, one of the main requirements is to balance the good and bad chi in your house and in your life.

As this element is connected to the unknown it also symbolizes the fairies and the devas. It is also symbolic of the ghosts and the light workers use it in communicating with them.


Air element isheeria


While we cannot see the air element, it is represented by the colour white or yellow. Both these colours denote creativity, intellect and honesty.

Therefore, the best way to connect to this element is to just stand outdoors and feel the air or see the birds soaring across the sky!

We hope you are enjoying this series on Elements – Do tune in next monday for the 5th Element!

Share with us about your connect with Air.

Happy Monday!

Team Isheeria

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