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The Elements Series – Fire (GP)

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers.

We are happy to Welcome Riddhi Kapoor, an Access Bar Healer, to Isheeria’s for a series on the elements. 

fire element series isheeria


FIRE –the eternal life giver. An element that once honed by man changed the trajectory of our evolution.


Fire was for the longest time considered a supernatural phenomenon; it had the power to create as well as to destroy. However, with the destruction, it also bought transformation and true change as everything old was turned to ashes.

Therefore, fire holds such an important space in our folklore, our rituals, and our religions. It is the one element that has till now not lost its magical significance and has transcended civilizations. It has for time immemorial been used in purification and spiritual practices.

Rituals throughout the world give obeisance to the gods via fire whether they are yagnas ( Hindu ritual of giving offerings to fire to appease the gods and for purification), Smudging ( aboriginal method of cleansing by fire and smoke) or lighting of a candle at a church or diya at a temple.

Fire has also been considered a portal to the other world. It is believed that if you look at the flames with faith and patience you can see your future. Gazing into the fire can also develop one’s psychic abilities to a finer level. 

Its spiritual connotations have also extended beyond rituals. Almost all religions of the world while praying to fire or with fire also equate fire with hell – a place where you are sent if your deeds in your human life are not considered pure. The names for hell may change according to the times or religions but the premise remains the same and that is from where the saying ‘trial by fire’’ comes.

Ashes which are the residue of fire are also considered sacred.
Ashes from a normal fire or a magical fire spread onto the roof of the house and protects 
it from damage and carrying ashes can give courage, energy and healing.

In Hinduism, we call the ashes that are residues of Agamic rituals ‘’Vibhuti’’. It is believed that this vibhuti protects man against evil spirits and simulates the 7 chakras. It is widely used even today by godsmen in the form of Tripund’’ (3 horizontal lines of ash smeared across the forehead – also symbolic of lord Shiva who used this) or a simple tilak (vertical lines between the eyebrows) by the common person.


Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.



We hope you enjoyed the 1st installment in the ‘Elements’ series. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the elements and share your experiences.

One of my most mesmerizing personal experiences has been staring into a bonfire, and watching the flames dance! Yes, Dance!!! & it always makes me feel joyful and energized!

fire element bonfire


Happy Monday! Wish you all an Energized week ahead!

Team Isheeria

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