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The most natural way towards Healing is by being Grateful! #isheeria

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

Welcome to a guest post by Upasna of #gratitudepie fame on Healing & Gratitude. She writes at lifethroughmybioscope.com about Lifestyle changes and self-improvement in a succulent and practical style.

upasna https://lifethroughmybioscope.com/

Do you feel weak after a hurtful incidence or a painful experience?


It’s the proof that you are healing.


But what makes healing a slow process? It’s nothing but our Past. It’s our habit to sulk into the bitter memories of the past and ignore the present.


These memories blindfold our heart and prevent us from appreciating and enjoying what we have today.

And when we fail to pull ourselves out from the past, which is dark and sorrowful, we move closer to Depression.


This is when Gratitude can help us to heal faster, to cherish what we have, to realize that we are still lucky.


This is when Gratitude can help us to heal faster, to cherish what we have, to realize that we are… Click To Tweet


Gratitude gives us- the reason to forget and the power to forgive. It gives us the ability to see that no one comes out as a winner in the war of Ego and Hurt.


healing and gratitude


My relationship with my Father was never a happy one. We maintain a love-hate relationship and our only communication is “Namaste”.

In all these years, I believed that he was wrong and I was right. He must have believed the opposite.

This stopped me from forgetting his hurtful actions and words. But when I replaced the bitter memories with happy memories while we have spent a good time together, things are getting easy.

Now, I am at peace with myself.


I accepted our differences rather than feeling hurt at those. Other than me, it was my Mother who always tried to reduce our conflicts. But when I myself had settled myself with those differences, I could convince her too to accept those.

I experienced that I can only be at peace if I feel grateful for the happy times we spent together. Gratitude helps our inner-self heal with acceptance.

No matter what you are trying to heal from; health problems, hurting heart, career failures, gratitude helps in the most natural way.

Have you had an experience of healing through gratitude? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.


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gratitude and healing


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