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Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

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“Do I deserve to be Happy?” 


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Forgive yourself
For the things you’ve not yet done. For the times you should have shone.

Forgive yourself.
For the slice of cake you shouldn’t have had. For the foods you deem to be “bad”.

Forgive yourself.
For the friends you’ve lost along the way. For what happened on that shitty day.

Forgive yourself.
For that deadline you somehow missed. For the person you shouldn’t have kissed.

Forgive yourself.
For the bad habits you struggle to shake. For the promises you never meant to break.

Forgive yourself.
For every mistake you’ve made. For every dream you’ve had to trade.

Forgive yourself.
For the times you felt low and snappy. 

Because, ultimately, you deserve to be happy


I am a huge fan of Bianca & have been following her and her writings for years. 

So I am TOTALLY blown away that she responded to my request and wrote something which I really resonate with!I really should start listening to you more Biance!

Thank you Bianca for being a part of my celebrations – This means a lot 🙂

About the wonderful Author:


Bianca Bass isheeria

Bianca Bass is a writer, coach and founder of BiancaBass.com, where she shares honest musings on careers, creativity and more.

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  1. Novemberschild

    June 1, 2017 11:25 pm

    Once a day, think of all the kind and loving things you’ve done today alone: the stray dog you picked up and returned to its owner, the crying child you distracted so its mother could eat her lunch, the dry cleaning you picked up after work so that your honey could exercise. Think about it for very long, and you’ll realize that you’ve become one amazing person! Forgiving and moving head, really brings happiness in life.


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