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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 - - Message from the ANGELS #isheeria

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By: Isheeria's Healing Circles

Message from the Angels – 2019 #Angels #isheeria

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers!

Happy New Year! from the Angels! & all of us here at #isheeria

As I continue to work with Angels in Healing work, I was guided during a meditation to share with you all these special messages from the Angels.

I have used a combination of Tarot & Esoteric Decks for these reading. I hope these messages resonate with you!

Do leave me a comment below.

Read on to see what is the special message Angels have for you in the new year of  2019!


Message from the Angels - 2019 by #isheeria pinterest




Message from the Angels for Aries by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

This is a time to believe in yourself.

This is your year to have more energy, to move, to stretch yourself (literally and figuratively) and partake in the adventures of Life.

Spread your wings and let happiness come to you.

Remember to Live in the moment, to be in the present.
This is the year in which you need to take back the reins of your life and Control your own destiny.

The Angels guide you to strive for Harmony in everything that you undertake and (learn to) Master your Conflicts. 

This Year stay Focused, Move forward and embrace the opportunities coming your way.

Relax into s rhythm where you stay in touch with your dreams, run with a spring in your steps. But remember to keep your secrets hidden away.




Message from the Angels for Taurus by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

This is the Year to Find your center, connect & listen to your heart. Your path will unfold before you.

Understanding yourself and your layers will help you to avoid misperceptions and mishaps.

The Angels want to remind you – You are fine as you are, it is your difference and your individuality which endears you to others.

A word of caution – Humility is the keyword for you.  Harmony and success are yours as long as you don’t allow arrogance to step in. 

Learning to understand and respect the others’ point of view will lead to your finding inner peace, love, and abundance.








Message from the Angels for Gemini by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

This year is all about harmony.
To clearly decide what you want in life.

Your path is of continuous learning, to observe, to comprehend, and then to impart your wisdom and knowledge.

The Angels want you to remember, that a higher power is guiding you, and coincidences are divinely inspired moments. And miracles are not a myth.

Life for you is like the ocean– full of mystery, secrets, movement, and depth.  Let your subconscious and your intuition guide you.

Listen to your head and your heart. Pay attention to details.
Don’t allow your insecurities or carelessness lead to misunderstandings. Forgiveness will play a major role in your life this

year. Balance is your keyword.



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The message for you from the Angels for 2019….Message from the Angels for Cancer by #isheeria

Focus, keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings.
Be patient, observe and analyze.  Keep reviewing your decisions and actions.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t let your ego come into play.  
The Angels ask you to Put aside all the non- consequential stuff and Let your Heart and Intuition guide you.

Protect yourself from the influence of others.
Lay a strong foundation so as to avoid pitfalls.

The Angels want to reassure you that though there will be some tensions in 2019,
they will sort out in a way that you had not thought of.




Message from the Angels for Leo by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

Compassion and grace are the keywords this year.

This is a time to take a breather, move away from the familiar, and replenish your mind, body, and spirit. 

The Angels urge you turn inwards at the beginning of the year and then move outwards.

Don’t overanalyze situations. Let go, and move on.

Connect with your higher self, with your conscience.  Have faith, for this energy alone, will carry you through the year.

Take the challenges and the opportunities that come your way.

There are many surprises in store for you.








The message for you from the Angels for 2019….Message from the Angels for Virgo by #isheeria

Take one small step at a time, keep your integrity strong, be sensitive, and learn to appreciate yourself.

The Angels urge you to choose your challenges carefully.

Your wisdom, reliability, and persistence will take you a long way.

With discipline and responsibility not only will the restrictions fade away but a cycle will end giving you closure.

As the year progresses you will get clarity, and your dreams will begin to materialize.

The changes that occur this year will have a long-lasting effect.







Message from the Angels for Libra by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

Always remember, the universe loves you no matter what, and when you open yourself up to others,  you will attract abundance in return.

The Angels remind you to Learn to adjust and be one with your environment.
Awareness to all around is crucial.

This is a year of endings, and making way for new beginnings.
Take it in your stride.
The change is not sudden, it has been in the pipeline for quite some time and you have been aware of the need to let go.

Remember: You have the power to control and manipulate where your life is going. Use this power wisely.
The changes will be in harmony with who you are now.








Message from the Angels for Scorpio by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

The Angels urge you to keep control over your thoughts and your mind.

Don’t let the feeling of being lost overwhelm you.
Make your choices carefully.
Let only love and grace shine through.

Start something new this year, let your curiosity guide you. This will set you free and on the path of renewal and happiness.

The Angels say this is a time to grow, to be unselfish, and spread cheer around you.
You will be a role model for quite a few, looking towards you for inspiration and guidance.
As a mentor
, you need to take your role seriously, with commitment and responsibility.







Message from the Angels for Sagittarius by #isheeria
The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

The Angels ask you to have the courage to accept the grace of the universe. It is your gift to receive.

True friendship is also a gift, especially if reciprocated.

Be open to receiving unconditionally in the fullest sense, and to sharing.
Don’t hide yourself. 

The Angels remind you that the more you share, the more you will flourish. And find the peace that you are seeking.

Let your imagination soar, express yourself openly.
Take nothing for granted!

This is a year to find yourself, to find your balance and harmony, and what gives you happiness.






Message from the Angels for Capricorn by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

Learn to trust, follow your intuition.

Don’t muddy the waters with your doubts and questions.
Your fears make you indecisive.

There is a purity in you which will shine through.
The power of your love and compassion can help others overcome their insecurities.

The Angels remind you to exercise your judgment, temper your impatience, impulsiveness, and your ambitions.
Don’t be short-sighted. Do your homework before making any decisions. 

Follow your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. Aim high, as your dreams are within reach.







Message from the Angels for Aquarius by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

Be open and willing to put yourself first, to invest more of your time and energy in developing yourself,  physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Angels urge you to choose your battles wisely and also ask you to not hesitate in asking for help, especially if you find yourself in a corner.

This is a wake-up call for you.
Keep negativity at bay. 

Come out of the shell you have retreated into. Work with others to make this come about. 

 Let go! Move on! Don’t judge.

Release what is holding you back, and move on.





Message from the Angels for Pisces by #isheeria

The message for you from the Angels for 2019….

Have faith.
You will come across signs, messages, and symbols to guide you in the right direction –>Pay attention to them.

The Angels ask you to hold on to your vision and belief, and make your commitments wholeheartedly. 

 What you are wanting will happen very soon. 

Don’t let others side-track you.
When they see your dedication
 and caring, they too will step forward and connect with you.

Don’t use force to achieve your goals. Be patient, be persuasive, be understanding.

Let your higher self-guide you.




Did you enjoy reading the Messages for YOU from your Angels? Leave us a comment below, and do consider sharing these messages from the Angels with your family and friends too. Spread the Joy!

Blessed Be!


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