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Happiness List

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My Happy – Happiness List

My Happiness List – What a wonderful Title – It just automatically made me smile & rub my hands in glee for the whimsical list which is about to follow!

Happiness List

Thanks to Romilaa at novermberschild.com for inviting me to play along!
I had a Happy time in writing this List of 50 things which make me Happy (in no particular order) – 

  1. My MOM
  2. Sunrises & Sunsets & Sunshine
  3. My Spiritual Practice
  4. My Faith
  5. All animals in general – especially, my Pets {#PetsDaywithIsheeria}
  6. Trying out new things – People, Places, Hobbies, Cuisines, anything!
  7. Travelling & Collecting stories & memories (My Dream Life) )
  8. Crisp & Fresh air of the Mountains
  9. Collecting sea-shells
  10. Photography {I am inspired by visuals & aspire to be good}
  11. Museums
  12. Art appreciation (Love visiting art galleries & shows)
  13. Gardens & Flowers & Trees
  14. Gardening
  15. Reading good books
  16. Reading good blogs
  17. Writing
  18. Mathematics {If you want to know more – A certain Renu ma’am from Amity School to be questioned further on this!}
  19. Academic pursuits
  20. Gadgets  – Fun & Functional
  21. Sports – Badminton, Swimming, Basketball
  22. UNO {I am a champion-of-sorts of all train journey tournaments}
  23. Perfumes & Aromatic creams
  24. Shopping
  25. Hot air balloons
  26. Sketching & Painting & Coloring 
  27. Pottery
  28. Ceramics 
  29. Butterflies
  30. Magick
  31. Food! {Punjabi, Italian, Thai & Mexican}
  32. Fruits {Mangoes, Strawberries, Litchis, Apples, Watermelons, & almost every fruit}
  33. Street Food – Gol Gappas & Tikkis
  34. Black currant ice-cream
  35. Desserts – Classic cheese cake, brownies & my mom’s Fridge-cake (slurp)!
  36. Ras-malai {I just naturally like people who like this Indian sweet dish}
  37. Hot Coffee & Cold Coffee {Yes, Hot & Cold are 2 different ESSENTIAL items for a happy existence}
  38. Masala Tea {My favourite is from Wagh Bakri}
  39. Dhaba Chai with Friends 
  40. Weight Loss {When the weighing scale moves down – My Happiness Quotient moves up}
  41. Lamps
  42. Rugs 
  43. Stationary! {Diaries, pens, pencils, ink-pens, erasers, sticky-notes of all shapes & sizes}
  44. Dressing up 🙂 {Any excuse will do 😉 }
  45. Nail Art
  46. Sarees’ – The Day I get the drape right, I feel rather accomplished 😉
  47. Tattoos (& their stories)
  48. Movies
  49. Dancing
  50. My friends (each & every quirky bad-a** one of them)

Did reading my List make YOU Happy? If Yes, then Leave me a comment below & tell me which ones make you Happy too.
PS: & please do not judge me on the no. of food-related items on my list 🙂 I am a true-heart-Punjabi-Foodie! 

From the Happy-Happiness List Maker,
Linking this to UBC Day 2.

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