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Ram Navami

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

Happy Navratras & Rama Navami

isheeriahealingcircles.com - ram navami

The Navratras nine days of celebrations culminates in the Ram Navami. Read more about the Navratras here.

Ram Navami – On the 9th day of Durga Pooja if Chait in April, Lord Vishnu took the 7th Avtaar, and Shri Ram was born to rid the world of Ravan who was creating havoc.

Ravan had become very powerful and arrogant because of the numerous boons granted to him by Lord Brahma. When the Devtas went to Lord Brahma for help, he said that he could not help them as Ravna had been given the boon that no God or Devta could kill him. But, in his arrogance, he had not mentioned a Human Being! But, it would be difficult to find a human strong enough to take on Ravan.

Lord Vishnu agreed to take on the Human form as Rama, so as to counteract the evil forces of the Rakshas (Demons) and to destroy the over-powerful Ravan, who was committing atrocities.

Rama is the personification of the ‘perfect’ man – An  ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband and father, and also an idea king – Swami Vivekananda

Rama was a man who grew into perfection as he faced the turmoil and travails of life.
Rama and Sita are the ideal married couple. Lakshman and Bharaat are the idea brothers.

When one is confronted with a dilemma in human relationships – the Life of Lord Rama ( The Ramayana) is the best guide to right and wrong actions (and in all situations).

To honour the birth of Lord Rama – Ram Navami is celebrated.

A fast is usually kept, and in the afternoon only phalar is eaten. Phalar consists of sweets made of Khoya, cooked potatoes and root vegetables and fruits. No green vegetables are permitted and neither is turmeric (haldi), garlic (lehsun), ginger (adrak) and onion. The puris (fried rotis) are made with kuttu-singhare-ka-atta (special wheat dough).
Curd, tea, coffee and milk are allowed.

Lord Rama was born at noon, and therefore the Pooja is performed in the afternoon.
Prasad consists of Kasaar, charnamrit, fruits and dry khoya mithai (sweets).

Lord Rama is always depicted as a family man – with his wife, sita; Brother, Lakshman and Hanumanji.

The youngest girl in the family applies the tika to everyone. The tika is of roli and rice.

It is considered auspicious to read the Ramayan on this day.

Happy Ram Navami.

Team Isheeria

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