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#Reflections on my first #AtoZChallenge 2017

Welcome to my Reflections Post for the 2017 #AtoZ Challenge!


Can I start with saying… YESSSS!!! I DID IT!   

I survived a challenge that had me clueless and excited going in, clueless & overwhelmed almost through-out and awed right at the end!

This was like the thunder which shook
the very foundations of who I thought I am!

What I have truly appreciated in the 30 days of April and especially in the 8 days since, is the lessons I learnt and the acquaintance I have made with myself!

This beautiful tattoo of some un-known peep on internet-land, sums up how I feel completely –

A humbled warrior!


My theme for this challenge was the A to Z of Healing – A Healing tool with each of the alphabet, and a short note about my experience with it.

You can read about my theme here and read all my posts here.

Thanks to the Blogchatter folks, I am expanding on my posts, and shall be offering my e-book soon!


I created a post for each letter of the alphabet! And I created the poster image which went with it.
Being a first timer with any sort of a blogging challenge, I wrote the day of the post, and did as best as my crazy schedule allowed. Definitely, not the smartest approach!

I found MANY ( & I am sure there are many more, which I have yet to visit & discover) fabulous writers, bloggers and themes.

While I read and commented and shared on as many as I could, I missed on so many, that I miss them!
 I intend to visit and read my way to all the blogs which caught my fancy in the next couple of weeks (and months)!

Note to Self –
Excitement always comes in pairs!


My writing, my subject & my images – all got a mixed bag of reviews – for a newbie (my blog came ALIVE on 13th February 2017), this was the BESTEST thing – I have had the minutest of things commented on, compliments from people I hold in high esteem, and questions which made my heart sing with joy! My non-blogging, non-reading friends even dropped in – that was so exciting too!

It has been a wonderful experience to introduce some lesser known Healing tools, and humbling to share my own experiences as a Healer, who got into the Ways of the Esoteric in her teenage years! Almost, felt full circle in some ways for this novice.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I did another AtoZ challenge right alongside! Yes, offcourse, roll your eyes right along with mine!  

I dabbled in dark poetry on my blogspot blog, an amateur attempt at play of words which were dark and hopefully, disturbing! I have always, ALWAYS loved wordplay and the visual imagery they bring forth!
I hope to share these in an e-book form too with you all soon here.

 Thank you to everyone who visited, commented here on the blog, on message & in person, and shared, and kept me going – your words of encouragement were & are THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS! 

Thank you to John HoltonRomilaa, Bushra, MehulShalini & Natasha, and my mom, for keeping me going through, well, pretty much everyday 🙂 of this challenge!

I hope you will continue to be my friend through the next many blogging years.

I am so grateful and proud to be able to declare… I am a SURVIVOR of the AtoZ 2017 Challenge!

#AtoZofHealing 🙂

Thank you for being a part of my journey through A to Z.
Hands folded, bows in gratitude,
@Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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4 thoughts on “#Reflections on my first #AtoZChallenge 2017

  • What a lovely heartfelt post girl. You did fantastic despite your crazy work schedule and challenges. Looking forward to the e-book. I’m so very touched that I could contribute in a minuscule way to your journey. It was a roller coaster ride yes, but we stuck to each other.

    Big hugs and big love

  • I guess you had a great time, so no complaints then? I think challenges like the a-z is a good way to find out if you like blogging, it certainly makes you either appreciate your own abilities or other blogger’s abilities. I see that a lot of participants actually finished the challenge without a lot of problems which I am so impressed. I even thought I wouldn’t finished but I did.

    congrats on the finishing the challenge, have a lovely day.

  • Oh wow ! that made me happy to read! What a great experience you had – well done! I had a break this year, but this sure inspires me to get back in that challenge next time – how fun it is really:-)

  • It is nice to know that you had a great experience…think these challenges are a great way of appreciating your own abilities and other blogger’s abilities also..Congrats on finishing the challenges 🙂

    Simple Indian Mom Has Recently Published
    *Menaka Bharathi *

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