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Isheeria Maasai Fitness Adore Womanhood

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If Not Now Then When?

Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circles,

On this International Women’s Day, I am very happy to introduce to you Mrs. Shreya Roy, a lady who has motivated and inspired me through her own life and attitude. Read on her story in her own words:


Isheeria Maasai Fitness Adore Womanhood


I am an introvert from a Bengali family, born and brought up in Patna (Bihar). I was never exceptional in studies but managed to score enough to be away from my parent’s wrath! I was an obese child hence the shyness, and was never interested in sports.
As a teenager my only target was to move out of my hometown, so that I can enjoy the true meaning of independence.

I did my master’s in Computer Application and started working in Pune, Maharashtra as a humble software engineer.

I never knew what fate had planned for me.
Sometimes, if we’re very fortunate, we meet the one person who will forever change the course of our lives.
Hence I met my now husband who is a renowned fitness coach. 
He introduced me to the world of fitness and weightlifting.

In a year’s time from being a person who weighs  110 kgs and with low self-esteem, I became a confident person weighing 58 kgs, and that changed my life turn 360 degrees.

 That’s when a passion that later at the age of 30 became my profession. I was so determined and passionate towards helping and educating people the importance of exercise and healthy diet that I left my lucrative paying job of a software engineer and opened up a fitness consultation firm named “Maasaifitness” with my husband. 

This year our company will be completing two glorious years and we as a couple have been able to change thousands of lives. We are in a journey of building a community who will work with us and spread the knowledge.


My personal goal is to educate women the importance of placing their health on the top of their priority list.

I am extremely passionate about this cause because I lost my mother at the young age of 49 to an autoimmune disease.

The woman of the house is the center of the family and because of their sacrificing nature, they tend to give little importance to their own health! and around the clock are primarily focused on fulfilling their family’s needs and wishes. 


It is very important to remember Dear Women: If you want to keep your family happy, you need to keep yourselves happy! and that can only be achieved with a healthy body and mind.


I don’t know if my story is inspiring but definitely I can say that wherever you are in your life, you can change it by moving out of the comfort zone.

Lastly would like to conclude with one of my favourite quotes  by ’Socrates’ :

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”


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Maasai Fitness




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