#ThankfulThursdays – Thankful for your Country

The Country I belong to is India. And I am a proud citizen!

ThankfulThursdays- Isheeria

The 5 things I am Thankful for about my Country –

  1. Freedom – Of Choice
    I can choose my Life, my Lifestyle, the people in my life and the work I do. I can change my mind, and choose a different life! A different thing to do!
  2. Freedom – Of Voice
    I can VOICE my opinion, I can speak up, stand up and take a stand for my beliefs, my principals and against any wrong I see happening in society.
  3. Entertainment – Bollywood and Television series
    I LOVE my Bollywood! Take me to a movie, give me salt & caramel popcorn – & I am your friend for Life! (& keep doing that on-repeat!)
    and I love my T.V. serials (for those of you who think, that, that only means ‘kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’, NewsFlash – There is much more programming available on T.V these days! Even Ekta Kapoor has diversified!)
  4. Marriage of Culture with Modernism –
    I Love that we are modern, progressive and in tune with the world! and at the same time, are still in touch with our roots, our culture, our ‘sabhyata’.
  5. People of our Country –
    While we are different and diverse (regions, cultures, habits & even religions), the one thing which unifies all Indians is their warm hearts. Every where I have gone, I have found, an Indian will treat you to the welcome and warmth of the Indian Hospitality, complete with coercing (forcing) you to over-eat, and un-ending cups of Tea and ‘aur-batao’ (Tell me more) conversations.

What are the 5 things that you are Grateful for? Leave me a comment!

If you want to debate the TV serials – let me know, I would be happy to wax lyrical on their entertainment value!

Joining the ThankfulThursdays linky party and the Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 16.

ThankfulThursdays -  Isheeria


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7 thoughts

  1. Five things I’m grateful for my country is the amazing variety of food, the masaledar movies, the beautiful heritage, the warmth of people here and yes last but not the least its home and I love my home!

  2. Ish I agree to all the mentioned points .Specially the one about our sabhyata.Aur batao over cups of chai are in the book of the Indian socialization.India gives us a choice and a voice .So important we appreciate it .Thank you for lending your voice to this initiative of practicing thankfulness .#ThankfulThursdays

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