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The Taurean Child

Dear Isheeria Healing Circle’s Readers,

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If your child is born between 21st April and 20th May he/she is a Taurian.

Strong, sturdy, and healthy.  Logical, practical,  dependable,   methodical, and thorough. If not active they will become moody and depressed.  They don’t learn quickly. They are artistic, and very sensitive with an excellent   memory.


Your Taurean child will tend to do everything at their own pace, and pushing them will only confuse them, and slow them down further. Be practical and logical with them, and they will listen to you, and fall in line. They need gentle persuasion.  Pushing will only make them stubborn.  And they can be really stubborn!!

They are slow to temper, but once aroused it is very difficult to calm them down. The good thing is that their temper tantrum does not last long.

They are self-sufficient, mature for their age, but always want (and need) their loved ones close by. They rely much more on family than other children their age. They will baulk at anything new. They don’t like change. They need a predictable daily routine and a practical education. They need discipline and boundaries to thrive.

It is very important that their family life be safe and secure. And preferably permanent as they need a firm foundation and backing in their life. Any change in their environment will have a major impact on them and leave a mark.

Your child will love anything and everything to do with the home, and especially the garden. Being an earth sign they will love playing in the mud, garden, sand. Will likely be a foodie.

The Taurus child is liable to extremes. Being very sensitive to those around them, they are easily influenced and hence misled by their associates.

Teach them to think for themselves, and make their own decisions.

Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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