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My Treasures #wtfow #isheeria

Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

Welcome to the #FestivalofWords – Come Join me and some brilliant writers of #writetribe as we #writebravely over the next 7 days on prompts which are interesting and inspiring & Fun (to write, and hopefully, for you to read  )!


Today we talk about  TREASURES

wtfow- treasures isheeria


When I hear the word treasure, what comes instantly to my mind is the story of Ali Baba and Forty Thieves, from the collection of Arabian Nights stories we grew up on!


I imagined that Life would be a journey, more like a pilgrimage, and then I too shall end up on the gates of THE cave, and then in my melodious voice (no laughter please) call out “Khuljaa Sim Sim” / “Open Sesame”, and be rewarded with THE Treasure.

Then offcourse, I graduated to the Bat cave.

And now, after growing up a bit more, I have come to realise that Treasure is simply, as the dictionary says, Anything of Value, anything which is valued.


At no point does anyone but WE define what is a Treasure to us. Click To Tweet

WE define and decide what thing, person, being, philosophy, concept, idea is a Treasure to us! What holds value for us, what we cherish and hold dear.

To some Gold, Diamonds, Money is treasure. To some their family, art, a well-made meal is a treasure. And for the rest of us, Treasure is somewhere in between!

As I reflected upon this prompt today, I realised I actually have a long list of valued possessions, of Treasures, which make me happy, keep me going, make me sing, keep me warm on any long, lonely night.





My Family & Friends

Frankly, if they weren’t as funny, smart, snarky, REAL as they are, I would probably not be as Real!


The Love of a Pet is second to none, I would urge every person to keep a pet once in their lives – The Love & Lessons are Treasures of immeasurable value!

Every 23rd of the Month I dedicate to Animals, to Pets – We celebrate #PetsDaywithIsheeria on Instagram, Blog, anywhere-everywhere– A day where we take a moment to cherish our pets, and share their stories, antics, or just a cute aww-picture!


– As an aspiring Green Thumb, every new leaf, bud, and flower is cause for Happiness – Is treasured for what it symbolises – That Life grows where there is Nurturing, Love, Sunshine & Food!

My Spirit

– A burst of Gratitude at this point in my list, as I realise, it is my Spirit which keeps me buoyant through the storms and choppy waters and grounded when the sailing is smooth.

(off course, a bit of writing license here as I mix my elements in the same sentence)

as the Integral rudder to my ship

 – I truly treasure that in the eye of seemingly insurmountable challenges and conflicts, I have stayed true to my morals, and ethics and spoken up, and against wrongs being done – with me and with others!




A well- made cup of Coffee and Tea

–  I treasure a well-made cup, as it warms my heart and is a great stress-buster and re-energizer! & it has given me many an occasion, many a memories (those stories for another time)

I am preaching to the choir here – I treasure Books & the written word! Enough said! 😊


Jewelry – Passed down my Family (by members I Treasure 😉)

– Ah yes, A materialistic treasure too! I treasure the Diamond ring my grandfather (nana) used to wear, which he gave to his first-born daughter (not son! Even back then, my family was COOL like that 😉 ), who in turn has given it to her first-born daughter = ME!

Another piece, well, pieces actually of Jewelry which I treasure are my mom’s Silver Bangles from College, which I got when I completed my college successfully, and her 1st set of Gold Bangles which she made with her own salary, which I got when I entered my 30’s – To this day, I wear these bangles everyday, and hope to someday continue the legacy of the Love and Hard work which is symbolized in these pieces of Jewelry by passing them on to a beloved family member. Touch-wood.


What do you think of the word ‘Treasure’? What does it instantly bring to your mind? What do you treasure in your life? Leave me a comment – Id love to hear your views.

‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6′

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