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Virgo in Relationships – II


Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,


This blog article is about Virgo’s & how they are in relationships.


This is an enduring relationship as long as you are not too alike. Both of you are over-critical, worriers, with no one wanting to make the difficult decisions. Ensure that your relationship does not become dull.


This is a relationship of opposites, and will likely not start off on a good note. The reserved, critical Virgoan  and the optimistic, charming Libran. But deep down you are alike. Intelligent, finicky, and  fair. This relationship will work if both of you support and encourage each other.


You are the perfect foil for each other, bringing out the best in your personalities. But you need to understand each other. As long as the Scorpion doesn’t try to take over complete control, or the Virgoan becomes totally dependent and submissive. Both of you need to tone down.Tolerance is the key word in this relationship.


The key word in this relationship is understanding. If both of you give each other lee-way,  and learn to adapt and nurture each other,  there will be much that both of you can bring to the relationship, and balance each other.


You instinctively realize that you are soul mates. Both have the same gentle, caring nature.  Capricorn is ambitious and a leader, and Virgo will follow happily. You are the perfect foil for each other. Learn to stop and smell the roses along the way, together.  


You are the opposite ends of the spectrum, with perspectives being totally different. But opposites do attract, and if you are both considerate of each other the fascination can last for a very long time. Respect is the keyword in this relationship. Just don’t lose it.


This is a relationship of diametrically opposites. But once you understand each other………the catch is that neither one of you should try to change the other, or withdraw into your shell.


You are both so different from each other that theoretically this relationship should not work. Aries is ruled by the heart and passions, whereas Virgo is ruled by the intellect and the practical. But if you open up to each other and allow yourself to be influenced by the other, then you will both benefit.


This is a great relationship wherein you both complement each other. Just make sure you are not too alike. Friendship is the key word in making this a succesful relationship.


You are fascinated by each other, but the fascination is not likely to last long as you are totally incompatible. If you maintain the mental compatibility and stimulation then this relationship will really work.


You are both alike in so many ways. As long as you remember to ‘share’ with each other this will prove to be a great relationship. You need to learn to enjoy each  others’ company.


If both of you can follow the motto of ‘live and let live” then this relationship can work out otherwise you will be at logger heads with each other. Leo’s overbearing personality will not be tolerable to the finicky, fair-minded Virgo. And Virgo’s over critical nature will not be acceptable to the egoistic Leo.  But if you both back each other then this can become an ideal relationship.

We hope you are enjoying this series. Please do leave your comments and feedback.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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