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5 Things You Are Thankful For When You Wake Up In The Morning #ThankfulThursdays

I am Thankful for Mornings 🙂 & here is a list of 5 things I appreciate about my Life, and am Thankful for every morning –


  1. Bed Tea – Every Morning my mom makes my favourite Wagh Bakra Masala Tea – She spends 5 minutes with me, and then is off to do her own thing.

    My Tea time is my me-time!
     This is the time when I gaze out of my window & day-dream and then make my plans for the day.
  2. My Dogs – One of my greatest joys in life are my 3 dogs – they are affectionate and loving and brighten every day with their playfulness and adoration! (I am doing a Linky party dedicated to Pets every month on the 23rd because of the Blessing they are in my life – #PetsDaywithIsheeria – Come Join in)
  3. My (Spiritual) Practice – Every morning, I do a short meditation, followed by my practices in Healing and Tarot.
  4. Prayers & Ritual – The ritual of lighting the Ghee Lamp (Diya), incense sticks and saying my prayers and chanting are a sacred part of my mornings (& evenings).
    There is a rightness to my day & Life thanks to the presence of God & my spiritual practices.
  5. Garden – My Garden and Herbs Garden are my pride & joy – I love the sight of blooming flowers, and the smell of wet earth.
    Cooking with Fresh Herbs always adds that extra zing to the taste and aroma!

    My Garden also teaches me the very important lesson of perseverance and resilience!
    How you ask?
    Well, the grass REFUSES to grow – I have tried different grasses, manures, supplements – but all I get for my efforts is tufts of grass in patches!
    Every week I renew my commitment to my Garden and making the grass grow green on my side (see the philosophical co-relation!).

    I want to wake up earlier every morning so i can spend time in the Gardens – they inspire me to take up sketching and painting again, and most importantly, to take a moment to stop – breathe – and take in the beauty! and be Thankful all over again for my Life and my mornings.

What are you Thankful for in your mornings? Join us in the #ThankfulThusday Fun Linky party.

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