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#AtoZofHealing – [M] is for #Meditation – #AtoZchallenge

Welcome to A to Z of Healing with Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

[M] is for Meditation

meditation - AtoZofHealing - Isheeria
“Meditation is the Road to Enlightenment”

According to Google, Meditation is the action or practice of meditating.

Here is what I have learnt, understood and experienced about Meditation –

 Meditation is about being in touch with ourselves, the nature of our minds. It is an introduction to who we really are, it brings an awareness about our Physical and Emotional and Spiritual being, and our environment and surroundings. It is a great tool for personal development and Healing.

Meditation is easily explained, but difficult to practice. And in my own personal experience, a difficult practice to maintain (regularly)!

I would recommend that you do Meditation Daily, as you would brush your teeth daily! A Habit inculcated in us, not necessarily something we think is important, but something that you DO as a part of your daily habit, your daily routine – for your hygiene, health and long term (dental) benefits!

Start with 5 minutes Daily – Stick to the routine of 5 minutes. Increase your Meditation time as and when you want to. There is NO RUSH.
Just be in the moment – Breathe – Relax!

What is important is that the practice makes you Present, and bring you into a state of mindfulness.

What I have found is that with regular practice, I am more mindful, and less likely to be reactive. I become more oriented to being patient solutions-focused, and have greater clarity in my thoughts, and subsequent actions.
A side affect, I actually eat healthier, as I am more ‘in-the-moment’ & not just eating for the sake of it, as a thoughtless activity.

There are thousands of methods of Meditation, but I have found these 3 to be the easiest to Teach and to Practice –

  1. Meditation on Breath
  2. Meditation on an Object
  3. Meditation on Mantra


Some Important Points to remember as you start your own Meditation session:

  • Sit Straight – whether you sit on the ground indian-style or on a chair, your spine must be straight
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Sit in a quiet environment, or a quiet corner, where you can meditate for 5 minutes, or any duration of your choice, un-disturbed.

Important Question – What to do with your mind during Meditation?
Answer. Nothing At All. Just simply let it be.

There is an old saying,

‘in meditation leave your front door and back door open.
Let thoughts come and go.
Just don’t serve them tea.’

Have you tried meditation? Which one is your favorite method?
Would you like to learn more about Meditation?

Blessed Be!
Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

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