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Book Review: Reminiscences of a Seeker by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar @kapilkumarbhas1 #isheeria 

Welcome to the Book Review of :

Reminiscences of a Seeker by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar (Find him on Goodreads here).



It is so true that ‘Life is truly a matter of choices, reactions and actions …. in the middle of events we are blind towards the larger picture’.

– Quote from the book.


Magick and it’s stories abound in a colourful nation like India, so do superstitions and a lot of misconceptions and mis-information! 

We hear a lot about Tantra, Mantra, Gurus and Godmen, Sadhus, Yogis, Aghoris, and their practices – All of it is hidden behind the mist of the supernatural.

We hear about these people of Power, of Siddhis who use their power for their own personal gains and motivations and tie-up people to do them.


Now is all of this true? or is it all hearsay or just tall tails spun by the generations past to keep the young ones entertained, or was it to warn them, & keep them safe?



In light of the lack of information readily available, or rather, I should say, authentic information/sources, I have always wondered how much of it is true & how much is fantasy & fiction! 


So for me, as a Practicing Healer, to receive this book from Half Baked Beans was a good twist of fate – As  this book is the True story of a Spiritual Seeker – Kapil Kumar Bhaskar.

This book throws light on many  unanswered questions – It answers a lot about things most of us are curious about, but never quite have the courage to ask or find out about. 

The Book pulls you into the story pretty much from the beginning, and you stay intrigued! (I do recommend reading the book with the lights on! I did!)
The Author, Kapil, has a very lucid style of writing, and you feel like you are on this journey with him. The descriptions of experiences are realistic and detailed!

The author has great courage to have experienced these incidences, which are scary and beyond explanation, and then have gone in search for answers and help!

This is a first-of-its-kind book that I have read which so openly talks about the practices and the experiences of the seeker. 

Indeed, in the absence of information and knowledge, especially when one is going through a difficult time of challenges beyond natural explanations, it would be easy to latch onto the person who seems to be divine intervention in the form of a ‘Guru’ willing to help. 

The author has been very frank in sharing his descent into the Dark practices and also the dark feelings of sadness and depression which overtook him, and then his Journey back to the Light and finding his path, the right path!

It was a very interesting read about how he found each of his ‘Gurus’, how each of them unveiled their practices, and how each played on his emotions and hopes, and how each built him up, helped his get siddhis, only to tie him up to themselves! & then finally, his finding his right Guru, who took him back to the Light.

He has candidly also shared the ‘office politics’ which exists amongst the followers, and how despite them all being Spiritual seekers, yet the Ego exists in them.

As Lord Krishna says, ” prakrteh kriyamanani ….iti manyate” = ‘The False ego makes one think that he himself is the doer of deeds, but in reality, all acts are carried out as a natural process.

Throughout the book he has shared some interesting snippets like about the Panch mukhi Rudraksha, and has made insightful observations which truly resonated:

Ego has many faces, and the biggest challenge is the battle with one’s own ego!

– Quote from the book.

If you are interested in understanding the true journey of a Seeker – This is the book for you! 

The book is available in paperback and on kindle on Amazon.in.

Let me know your thoughts too – Did some parts resonate for you too? Some scary, some interesting, and some fascinating?


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