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#Childobesity – Sugars

Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circles.
Join us for some quick tips on #Chilobesity & Health & Sugar from Shreya Roy of Maasai Fitness.


child obesity maasai fitness isheeria



Every week we discuss a subject and a cause which is dear to our organization.
We are intensively working towards a healthier future & fighting against childhood obesity.

Today’s topic is :
“Harmful effects of introducing sugar to infants ”.

Sugar is one of the important seasonings without which our diet is not complete in today’s world.
Baby food formulas include sugar as one of the main ingredients to enhance the flavor.

In a research conducted at the University of Calgary, Canada, it was found that 60% of commercial baby and toddler food products contained high sugar content.

Disadvantages of adding sugar to baby food:

* Sugar is mainly added to sweeten milk, fruit juices, fruit mashes, porridges, puddings, yogurt, etc.

By adding sugar to your baby’s food, essentially you increase the sweet cravings or give your baby ‘sweet tooth’.

* Adding sugar in baby food also increases the risk of tooth decay in babies.

Oral bacteria rely on the leftover food in the mouth for their survival and sugar is perhaps the best food for them.

They thrive with the traces of sugar present in the mouth and begin the process of tooth decay.

* Some parents have the habit of bottle feeding while their babies are lying down.

Studies show that this practice increases the risk of ear infections – This happens because sometimes the milk leaks out from the mouth and slides down into the ear while the baby is feeding on the bottle whole lying down.
This gives a boost to the bacteria in and around the ear to increase in numbers and cause ear infections.

* Apart from tooth decay or ear infections, high sugar content in your baby’s diet can increase the risk of diabetes in the future years.

Parents beware of the food that you give to your baby. Read the list of ingredients of baby food carefully and avoid adding sugar.

Many fruits are high in natural sugars. These sources are enough to satisfy your baby’s needs for sugar.

We hope you found this information to be helpful. Leave us a comment below on your experience with managing Sugar in your infant’s diet.


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