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Water element isheeria

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The Elements Series – Water


The Elements are such an intrinsic part of our lives, that we rarely pause to wonder about their role and importance, and how they make us feel.

In the third installment of the Elements series, join our guest, Access Bar Healer Ms. Ridhi Kapoor as she explores the Element of Water.



Water element isheeria



Whenever I am sitting at a beach looking at the waves or walking through them I feel as if I have found my space ‘ my ZEN place’ so to say. It not only allows for a wonderful platform for introspection but ironically also lulls me into a state of meditativeness where no thoughts run through my mind …..its almost like no incident or situation is too big, nothing at that moment can touch me, can do me any harm ….

And Strangely, it is not only the ocean which brings on this sense of oneness, have you ever just stared at a waterfall or heard the gentle flow of the river, it surrounds you with a sense of well being and soothes you. Even the simple act of floating in the swimming pool (of course without the intrusive stares !) or waddling my legs in the swimming pool or a soak in the bathtub brings a sense of relief not only to my physical being but also to my spiritual being.




This love for water has led me to wonder about why it affects not only me but a number of people in a similar way and I found that amazingly water has played a very important role in our lives since time immemorial. For centuries it has been an important tool by which to cleanse not only the physical self but also to rid the soul of negativity and cleanse the aura. Each religion in its own way has made use of water to perform rituals and to promote spiritual growth. If in Hinduism the path to enlightenment starts with a holy dip in the Ganges; the Christians welcome a baby into this world by baptizing them with holy water and in Islam performance of wudu before offering prayers to Allah involves cleansing certain parts of the body with water.

In Hinduism and Christianity, water is not only used for religious rituals but is also accorded the status of a goddess and worshipped i.e. The Ganges and the Saraswati river, River Jordan etc. Entire cultures and religions have developed at the banks of rivers or seas and have promoted life and growth of civilization.

This growth around water bodies has also led to water being used for healing. From ancient times water has been used to heal the body, i.e hot water springs, use of water in yoga etc. Its use is well documented and even today water is used to soothe an aching body and rejuvenate it.

It is, therefore, no wonder that water has such an effect on us. It is after all the driving force behind our very existence.

What do you think? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts on it!

 Team Isheeria

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