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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

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“Do I deserve to be Happy?”



Everyone deserves to be HAPPY!!! Period.

We owe this to ourselves. Its’ a decision we need to take every day, every moment.

In this fast pace life, we generally forget this and seek happiness in others…things… jobs! When all we need to be happy is ourselves and the belief that we deserve to be happy and only we can make ourselves happy.

As kids, we never needed others to make us happy. We had the ability to find happiness in almost everything…someday in the chirps of the birds during dawn or someday in the fluffy white cloud in the shape of an elephant floating in the blue sky or just by the colours on the wings of a butterfly.

I, in particular, used to find my happiness in day dreaming!!! I still do…From finding Aladdin’s lamp and having my own Genie to just having long conversations with imaginary friends, my childhood spent creating these moments of happiness for myself, which still brings a smile on my face.

Yes, as I was growing up (like most) I had lost my mantra of happiness and like most, had started expecting happiness to knock at my door in some form or the other… instead of creating it for myself.

I feel we have objectified “happiness” so much that we have forgotten that happiness is a state of mind which is not…and cannot be dependent on any external factor.

It is there…inside of me, you and everyone. All we need to do is to get up from our slumber and realise it, own it, create it and decide to be HAPPY.

I have. Have you?


Srabonee is one of the best people in the whole wide world 🙂
Her words above are a testament to her wonderful nature and why we get along so well!

Thank you for being a part of my birthday celebrations every year!


About the Wonderful Author: 

SraboneeRoy in her own words:
A lawyer by profession, I love travelling and clicking pictures!

I love absolutely everything about travel…right from the planning, making itineraries, waiting for the trip to begin, the journey, the destination and everything in between. Travel feeds my soul. It makes me feel alive.

So many times, I have heard people saying “Would love to take a trip…but where, when and how?” I have often seen people shy away from exploring a new place because of the efforts required to plan a trip!

My love for travel and the need to spread the joy, peace and fulfillment that I get from travelling, has prompted me to share my experiences with fellow travellers and give them the ease of finding the answers to the “where, when and how”.

This is how Departure Ready started.

Soon, I found a perfect partner in crime for Departure Ready in a dear friend of mine, Isha. Isha like me is also a lawyer and loves to day dream about travelling, exploring the world, experiencing different cultures,  tasting different beers, meeting people from different backgrounds.

Isha and I, dream to travel around the World and as she puts it…”hit the road to paradise”.

To be ‘Departure Ready’ follow us on:DepartureReady Isheeria happy

Instagram: departureready

Twitter: @DepartureReady

Stay tuned to visit the website (under ‘development’) and other social media handles! 

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4 thoughts on “#Happy by @DepartureReady #isheeria

  • Happiness begins with what you think. If you think positively about yourself, others, and the world around you, your words and actions will follow your thoughts. But too many times we lack faith in ourselves. We don’t believe that good things will come to us, or that we deserve good things to happen to us and around us. We tend to believe in the things that are getting in our way that are the stumbling blocks instead of the power within ourselves to capably handle life and all its surprises.

  • children actually can be our teachers in our sadly regular bouts of depression……the joy and happiness seen in their eyes at the smallest pleasure is something that we adults should try to emulate!

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