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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

“Do I deserve to be Happy?”

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Do I deserve to be Happy? 

How many times have we heard the ever ubiquitous question, ‘Do I deserve to be Happy’? And we all nod to it without giving it a second thought. But do we really give a chance to ourselves to be Happy? 

Doing things for others is kind of drilled in our system, so much so that we happily think for our family, friends, etc before we think for ourselves, which sounds great! But in doing this, we often lose ourselves and then it all piles up inside us! And then realisation strikes and we learn that there is nothing in the world that we have ever done for our own selves. 

Why? Because then we would look selfish right! And we don’t want to be selfish! We want to be nice and perfect for the world to approve.

Sure, the sense of joy and gratification that one experiences for just being there for their loved one is incomparable. But that can only come if you are happy from inside. 

Girls get judged all the time and in some corner of their heart, it makes them unsatisfied with themselves. 

Either it’s the dress or the hair or the complexion or the body type, we have heard it all! When people choose to do random things, you know, getting an unusual hair color done or getting pierced at uncommon places, inscribing a tattoo on the skin, they’re the ones who’re at the radar of the society. Some strong ones ignore while others take it to the heart and follow the typical norm that the society has laid for them.

Being happy is the food for our soul. As children, we grow hearing about success stories and ambitions and the functional existence of our world. But no amount of degrees, or cars, or house or that fat pay check can make you happy! I mean, sure it does, but it’s always temporary. 

What truly matters are the things that can’t be seen but are felt, that can be sensed. Those subtle gestures with your spouse, the chai pe charcha with your parents, making time to play with your kids are the little things in life that keep it smooth and gets you going. 

Walking out of a marriage requires a lot of courage and women who do it, have my respect! They deserve every chance for being happy. It is not about the sound financial background or the posh cars or the tons of jewelry the woman is loaded with, it is about love and respect and being happy. If she is not happy, in spite of, having everything above, she deserves to take a stand for her happiness! 

Sometimes, when people don’t get these inside the house, they seek it outside. Humans, by nature, want to be loved. Yes, people do make mistakes in the lure of deserving happiness altogether, but as long as it’s healthy and not harmful, it can always be given a shot! 

Women living in an abusive marriage often start looking for love outside marriage, or ignoring kids at times to watch their favourite show or a night out with friends or a holiday with the girls without the husband, splurging on yourself occasionally are a few fixes which people do to get going and eventually, take a yes for the happiness they truly deserve! 

isheeria happy happiness

Thank you Ish, for honoring me to write on your blog. I can’t be any happier. A wonderful wonderful birthday to you. May you spread happiness in lives of others, just the way you did in mine!


Geetika is like her pet name geets, music in one’s life! She is super fun and every conversation leaves one smiling and thinking deeper.

Thank you Geets for being a part of my birthday celebrations.




About the wonderful author – 

Geetika isheeria

Geetika Gupta is a writer, blogger and a teacher. She has authored a story and a couple of poems in two anthologies published by Gargi Publishers. She is an active contributor to Women’s Web and her work can also be seen on Writer’s Ezine, Visual Verse, Story Mirror and other online websites. Giving life to the fragile thoughts in mind is where writing gives her wings to fly. When not teaching, you can find her brooding thoughts at https://t.co/60G20p4YXd

See her writing over at: http://www.geetikagupta.com

Instagram: boisterousgeets

Twitter: BoisterousGeets


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