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#Happy by @twinklingtina #isheeria

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

“Do I deserve to be Happy?”


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Do I deserve to be Happy –

Hell Yeah!


Let me start this post by asking a question – what exactly is happiness? Is it just a positive emotion? Is it just a positive trait of the humans? The dictionary says “a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy” (Cambridge, 2009). But is happiness just that?

As kids you are asked what you want to be when you grow up. I had various answers. But by the time I was in senior school I had only one answer to that question – I want to be happy. I had one thing straight – whatever I do I want to be happy first. But the challenge to this simple answer is how do you know what will make you happy? Do I deserve to be happy? Hell yes I deserve all the happiness – everyone does.

Happiness, I feel is subjective and can mean different things for different people. You can be happy when you buy your new car, I can be happy to see my son smile. While for someone happiness can be a meal at a fine dining restaurant or a fun party, it can be thrills of an adventure for some. But in reality all of these are pleasures. Pleasure is fleeting, once the pleasure is over you need to do it again to get back the pleasure. Chasing pleasure is not happiness. Happiness is when life fulfills your needs. I said needs, mind you, not wants!

But did you know happiness helps our body and mind? Happiness is known to boost your mental and physical health too.

How do you know what makes you happy?

There are tons of things in this world that can give you happiness. It can be a material thing, it can be a feeling, it can be an emotion, it can be a relation – it depends on your choice and your priority. You deserve to be happy – whatever your choice is. But the dangerous part is having the constant thought inside you – I AM NOT HAPPY. Negative thoughts pull negativity, I believe in it. Find happiness in things that you love to do. Happiness will find a way to get to you.


“Seek to do good, and you will find that happiness will run after you”
James Freeman Clarke

How do I keep myself happy?

It is not easy being happy, yet it is very easy to be happy. The first step to that is making the right choices. Do I want to be happy because I have a luxury property or do I want to be happy because I have the ability to accept my mistakes and own up to it?

I read, I read every day – newspapers, magazines, blogs, Wikipedia. I like acquiring knowledge (yes I don’t just read Page 3 type news, I read actual news). Knowledge makes me happy. I am a student of life and I want to earn every day.

I speak to my parents every day. Knowing they are well makes me happy. We Facetime each other several times a day and my mom knows my mood even without speaking, she needs to look at me once and she knows if something is bothering me.

I am happy every time my son does something new. He is in a self-learning mode and all his new words learnt from you tube makes me smile.

I am happy whenever I see a new flower in my tiny garden. Fresh blooms of the morning bring immense joy. I treat them like my babies.

Right now, as I write this, I have a playlist of some songs by Arijit Singh – his soulful voice is making me happy.  

I have the ability to find happiness in a lot of things, small and insignificant things as well as things from the material world. I have always heard my mom say “I’ll be happy if you do well in work life, I’ll be happier if you become a good person”. This is something I have been trying forever – to be a good person first. I think I have managed that somewhat – of course, I am not a saint, but whatever I have become I am happy about it – so yes I deserve to be happy.

 tina isheeria


Tina is one of those people who inspires you to drool! whether it is her tutorials or recipes .. you are left salivating, and hoping for an invitation to her place!

Thank you Tina for being a part of my celebrations.

About the wonderful Author – 

Tina Basu isheeria

Tina Basu is a freelance writer, author, blogger, graphic designer and a food enthusiast. When she is not running around a little hyper active munchkin she blogs at Tina Basu – Being Real Not Perfect where she writes fictions, reviews, lifestyle pep talk and hosts link parties and tutorials. Tina is a self-confessed food obsessed girl and all her love for food is reflected in her food blog Twinkling Tina Cooks.  Tina has been in the FMCG industry for over seven years working as a trade marketing and branding expert and now she is handling her own design and branding venture.

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