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Hello Summer! Tips to stay Healthy this summer by #MaasaiFitness

Welcome to another Maasai Gyaan by Maasai Fitness.


maasai fitness summer tips isheeria



Things to do this summer to keep you healthy & beat the heat –

  • It’s summer ….Yeeeeeeeeee! Let’s be a little excited instead of cribbing about the heat.
    The first and foremost thing that you must is to get up early and enjoy the early morning cool breeze with a healthy dose of vitamin D.


  • Sweat it out by doing some aerobic activities like running/swimming/Cycling & alternate it with anaerobic activity like Strength training. Do not forget to cool down with stretches.


  • Cold water shower is good for better immunity, blood circulation and it’s super refreshing.We will be talking about the advantages in detail in our next post. Keep watching this space.


  • Skip breakfast because the less work you give to the digestive system the better it is!  It will not increase your body temperature every time you eat.


  • Your lunch & Dinner should be zero on refined sugar and processed food.


  • At office/home/workplace keep a bottle of water infused with tulsi seeds, mint, and lemon.Keep sipping it throughout the day, it will keep you refreshed & well hydrated.


  • Replace your evening chai and greasy samosa or biscuits with a glass of buttermilk and a handful of nuts.

    We hope you found these tips to be helpful. Leave us a comment below with your go-to tip for this summer.

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    Maasai Fitness Isheeria


    We wish you a happy & healthy Summer!

    Team Isheeria

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