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TE-A-ME – A Healthy Ice Brew to Beat the Heat

When we talk about Healing and Health and then we look at this weather – How do we stay away from those cold drinks? Stay Hydrated and Cool and still be healthy?

I found a great answer – TE-A-ME ICE BREWS! – Natural & Healthy way to Make Water Interesting!

  – Ice Brews which are a blend of Fruits and Herbs

  – 100% Natural

  – Non-GMO

  – Gluten Free

  – No added Sugars or Artificial colors, etc

  – Easy to Make

Over the weekend, with the weather playing truant, and a houseful of guests both young and old, I found the perfect solution in serving the TE-A-ME Ice Brews.

 Te-A-Me Ice brews isheeria


The 5 different flavors were a big hit with the family – by the second glass, each had their own favorites!


Te-A-Me Ice brews isheeria


My Personal favorite is the Lemon Flavor – I loved how it tingled on my tongue and left me feeling refreshed and quenched my thirst!

My mother loved the Wild Berry – She voted it to be the most delicious, and has pocketed all the sachets – She feels she needs the berry-goodness to keep going through the busy weekend!

My grandmother loved the Lychee Flavor – says it reminds her of summer evenings when they would have Lychee with Vanilla ice-cream! This was better – A non-fattening cool drink!

My Aunt loved the Peach flavor – She loves everything Peach – The fruit, the color, and the fragrance! 

yes, we have packed all the peach sachets into her travel bag already, and ordered another box for the weekend!


And, finally, surprisingly, my Uncle loved Mint Green Tea – He is one who usually stays away from sweet and sour things – so it was a pleasant surprise when he agreed to try this one and then, ordered another glass!!! 



Te-A-Me Ice brews isheeria



Now the kids… well, they are still trying all the flavors, and trying to choose their favorite! 

The younger ones even made a game out of it! Gotta love the bright packaging and creativity of kids to make a game out of anything!






And this is so easy to prepare that I easily taught the older kids to make it for themselves – Delegation at its best! 

I just made sure that the ice trays and water bottles were filled (this duty I couldn’t get any of the children to take on! )!

Te-A-Me Ice brews isheeria


Quick and Easy Method to make the TE-A-Me Cold Brew – 

  • Take your favorite glass
  • Put in ice cubes 
  • Dunk in the triangle-shaped tea bag
  • Pour Cold Water into the glass 
  • Let it rest for a few mins, stir and drink! 
  • PS: You can add sugar as per your taste


We loved the many different flavors and you can try out your own multi-flavor trial pack here – currently available for a discount of 10%.


Try them out, and let us know which is your favorite brew – mera wala, mummy wala, granny wala, aunty wala ya uncle wala




Te-A-Me Ice brews isheeria pinterest


Disclaimer- This is a sample product sent for review purpose only. I have shared my unbiased honest review here.

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