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A prompt which made me think and be grateful!
Joining in, and Linking up with Dew and Zainab for their #ClickAndBlogAStory Linky Party every Sunday.

Week 5 Prompt: Stress


We all LIVE with stress -sometimes, in bad situations, what makes us feel alive is our unique set of problems! but more than that, what keeps us going despite everything – are those people, pets and moments of JOY. Just that something, which makes us feel like yes, this is worth living for!

I have found that God gives each of us our sense of rightness and stress management method!

Our personal motivation for being, for fighting through the stress – for getting up everyday and facing that stress, and doing what needs to be done before turning off the lights for the day!

2 of the 3 of my biggest reasons for being – for getting up and getting on with Life despite the various pressures and stresses are these two naughty bundles of joy – 6 month old Pluto and 11 month old April – both Indians, both with minds & wills of their own! & the third, the eldest, Leo, well, he is just plain special 🙂 

This photo was clicked on a personally difficult winter morning, where I looked up to find these two looking in from my window – wagging their tales and showing so much happiness at seeing me – how could i not reciprocate? and in that moment, I was Happy 🙂

What keeps you going? what/who are your stress busters?

You do know, that life is JUST another part of everyone’s lives, right?

stressed-out Joyfully,



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    • Isheeria's Healing Circles

      February 20, 2017 12:20 pm

      Thank you Zainab 🙂 It’s the first time you have complimented my writing – so i am very happy 🙂 – another stress buster, when friends genuinely appreciate you 🙂


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