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LIBRA – The Librans’ born in SEPTEMBER

Dear Isheeris’s Healing Circles Reader, If you are born between 23rd Sept and 30th Sept you are a Libran, and a “true” child of Venus, meaning that Venus alone has a very strong influence on you. As a child of Venus you are charming, easygoing, detached, fair minded, and well -groomed.  You love to socialize […]


THE LIBRAN CHILD If your child is born between 23rd Sept and 22nd Oct he/she is a Libran. Bright, intelligent, reasonable, and adaptable. But they can also be moody and stubborn. A Libran child has an instinctive sense of fashion, grooming, and etiquette; and an interest in the Arts.    From an early age they can […]

About Libra & Librans

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader, We are back, and with an interesting and insightful set of articles on Librans, the people born under the LIBRA Zodiac. Please Like Us, Share & Let us know what you think. If you are born between  23rd Sept—22nd Oct you are a Libran (both the dates are inclusive). An […]

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